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I see people in the gym working out like there is no tomorrow, but never change!
So sad….
There are still some of us who strongly believe as long as they work out hard they are able to eat whatever they want!
Sadly there are no compensations!!!
You can not have your cake and eat it too.
Research shows that your metabolic rate is only at 50% eating the wrong food compared of having the right food or fuel!
You are what you eat!!!
Going in a circle of eating bad and putting on body fat and over training losing muscle….
Wait until a few month later and that person has totally changed into a skinny fat person!
Going for over one hour on your cardiovascular workout will ” burn” muscle ( your bodies glycogen stores are depleted and your body will turn or convert your muscle into glycogen for fuel)….
So does training the same muscle group twice the same day, or every day!!!
Depending on which muscle you are training it will need between 48 and 72 hours for recovery!
Muscle growth does not happen while you are working out!
It happens in your resting phase πŸ˜‰
Work out hard….then rest and let it grow :)))
Make sure that if you are doing more than one cardio workout per day, that you have at least 4 or more hours in between to refuel and let the nutrition do it’s job!!!
Eat every 3 hours ( I eat every 2 hours) a small 100-150 calorie meal to keep that metabolism going!
And hydrate!!!
Hydration influenzes your metabolic rate….
As your hydration goes up, so will your metabolism!
Eat clean and healthy meals that have protein, carbohydrates as well as some fat,, and train smart!!!

Isn’t it crazy how everything can get out of balance so easily….
Protein diet, carbohydrate diet, fat diet…how about balanced nutrition?
Cardiovascular verses weights verses flexibility…..we need all of it!!!
Functional active stretching compared with static stretching…once again we need both!
We get so involved in our jobs or we are trying not to work and get lazy…obviously a No No!
Do your job, but also find time for your family!
Workout but stop doing this for X amount of hours every day!!!
Take a break and enjoy your time from work!
Find a profession you like and you are happy with.
Eat a balanced meal!
There is a reason we have day and night, winter and summer, hot and cold……
We are getting to wind up in our daily life and what is expected from us!
Comes down to ” are you happy?”
Life is much to short to waste it unused…..
You can’t rewind it and get back time!!!
So enjoy every day to the fullest πŸ™‚
Be happy, healthy, and find your purpose!

For years we have been warned about the danger of the sun!
We ‘ve been told how the sun will cause cancers and diseases…..
In the past couple of years research has shown that Vitamin D actually prevents 16 types of cancers!
As we know we have to balance life!!!
Everything taken in abundance is bad for us, but used wisely and in moderation is good and healthy for us πŸ™‚
Be well, live healthy and enjoy life πŸ˜‰
Our body actually uses sunlight to fight inflammation, boost our immune system, build bones, fight against cancer ( even skin cancer)!!!

Starting from breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian, prostate cancer….the list goes on!!!
The best way to optimize Vitamin D is through limited sunscreen free exposure to the sun!
As we know not all supplements are taking in and absorbed by the body….
Taken nutrition through food and what we are being offered by nature or by God is the smartest way to enjoy a long and healthy life πŸ˜‰


Nobody is a born Athlete no matter how talented they are!
Everybody started from scratch at some point!
We hear it all the time ” i can not do that….”…..
Believe in yourself!!!
Just try and see what happens πŸ˜‰
There will be enough of the I can not do that left…..
Know that your body is amazing.
It is a amazing machinery ( or like I put is : God is the most amazing Engineer)
Our body can process just about anything.
It is designed to heal itself, to repair itself, to produce chemicals.
Our cells are living organism inside of us that communicate with each other!
Our electrolites function much like electrolites in a car batterie , pushing that spark from one cell to the other via our nervous system….
There are millions of life forms living within our bodies!!!
We are their creator πŸ™‚
So be good to your body and it will be good to you!
And Β when you say “I can’t” your cells will respond accordingly not knowing it is the wrong command!
When you tell yourself” I am ugly” your cells and receptors will increase fat and toxin uptake and lower antioxydant and nutrition responds not knowing you gave it the wrong command!
Think good about yourself!
Think yourself healthy!
Know that you are vibrant and amazing ready to do anything!
That’s what is keeping you healthy, happy, and ready for your daily talks.
You are what you think!!!
And it shows πŸ™‚

Competition suits always look beautiful online!
But how will they fit your body?
Will the color be as vibrant as in the picture?
What if you lose more weight?
How long if it needs to be exchanged?
How about finding someone local to help you with all that?
We met Silvia Kondova almost 4 years ago ( actually Samantha Younger found her)…
She is amazing!!!
The very first time I ordered a suit over the phone, gave her my measurements and one week later it was done!!!
And … fit perfectly πŸ™‚
Silvia knows her stuff and her prices are about half of what you pay online.
Plus each and every suit will be customized according to YOUR body…..
She is amazing!
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