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While January is the season for New Years Resolutions, this year it’s simply a pain in the behind…
While I was able to pick up new clients in December (thanks to early advertising), half of my clients came down with COVID’s new Variant…
Not only this, but it is the season of colds and flu!
After being bombarded with all these sick people I decided to wear my mask again!
Do masks work?
Not sure…
However I remember last year not having allergies, no flu or colds…
I am a independent contractor and there is no sick time for me!
I am paying another Trainer to work for me, which I am grateful for…
Yes, getting sick costs us money (lol)!
So, if you see me in the gym with my mask, please understand that I am actually simply protecting myself and others and it has nothing to do with being brainwashed!

In this video I would like to introduce Bands to either include into your Leg Workout or simply as a workout for beginners!
Starting with a band squat and kick back while keeping your leg straight not bend at the knee…
Followed by band side to side squat by keeping the band just above the knee and side to side steps attaching the bands on the ankle.
Next I am performing a bridge and a abduction, side clam and kick back and side abduction.
The last exercise is with a longer band that you would normally use for pull-ups.
I am attaching it to my staircase and perform lunges in 3 directions:
Back lunges, lateral lunges and front lunges.
Bands are excellent to improve the function of the gluteus medius which is also important for knee traction!
Over time your knee can get out of alignment simply because one of your quad muscles might develop faster and pulls your knee out of traction!
It usually starts with clicking of the knee and eventually causes pain!
I hope you enjoy the following video…
Thank you so much!