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It actually took my 3 attempts before I could post the video…
LVAC is getting busy and it is difficult to record without anyone in the background!
With my own clients I do have written consent which allows me to feature them in my videos…
Random people not so much!
I always start with a good warm up especially since my left shoulder is messed up due to years of pulling weights of the machines…
Simply reach and rotations.
After I feel that my muscles are warmed up and range of motion has increased I start with a barbell shoulder press.
Holding the barbell in the middle with just one hand and pressing overhead while balancing the weight correctly…
I superset these with a isometric dumbbell lateral raise (barbell press 10 reps and dumbbell raise hold for 20 seconds)!
I finish with a wide grip upright row that I only raise to chest height to prevent wrist bending, but also mostly works medial deltoids and less trapezius….
I usually perform 3-4 sets back to back with almost no break!
I finish shoulders with each 10 reps of front raises, lateral raises and bend over rear deltoid flys for 3-4 sets each back to back or as I call it the “burn out”!
My biceps set was a bit short but effective!
10 reps each (no breaks) reverse curls, regular curls (anatomic position), hammer curls… superset with a seated 1/2 way down barbell curl!
The weight was a bit wimpy in this video because I already did this about 3 times (lol)!
My triceps routine was a scull crusher and press combo, alternating and dumbbell kick backs…
In case you want to try these exercises, make sure to use the appropriate weights.
Don’t overload until you get your form down.
If the barbell press is too heavy you can always start with a Dumbbell…
Changing your workout routine will help with sculpting your body and prevent boredom!
Just remember this is not exercise advice!
I post for entertainment purposes only!
You can watch the video right here!
Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!
Thank you to everyone that has served and is still serving ??

Starting of Week #2 in our 35 Day Weight loss Challenge!
Our first week was a very nice and easy introduction.
We know our triggers like stress or certain people that may cause us to fail and eat what shouldn’t be on our list…
Obviously we need to try to prevent these triggers or we need to exchange and adopt a different behavior.
That’s where the meditation suggestions come in!
You can download some on your meditation application or you can simply choose one on You Tube if you like and don’t want to spend money!
Also, after your first week there might not be dramatic differences simply because your body will fight you at first, especially if you have been dieting in the past…
Just keep going!
If you are in a calorie deficit and work out, your body will eventually give in and lose!
So, having said all this I am sharing with you our 2nd Week Rules!
Some are the same….
Some will change…
Some we add…

2nd Week of our 35 Day Challenge Rules:

1. 1 Gallon of Water daily
2. No cheating except a 300 calorie treat
( 200 calories less than last week)
3. Take your progress picture
4. 490 min of working out or 1 hour 10 min
5. Read 10 pages of a none fiction book
6. Write down weight and body fat
7. Meditate 10 min per day
8. Stretch 10 min daily
9. You can add 1 point each for drinking 1/2
Gallon of water in addition, exercise one
Additional hour
10. Use points at the end of our challenge
to reward yourself by treating yourself
to something nice or to compensate
for a missed workout
Thank you so much for reading and watching!

Here is the link to our second video:
Stay tuned for Monday when I share one of my favorite shoulder and arm workout:

This is Claudia with Body Revision!
We are starting a 35 Day Challenge that will not only help getting back in shape, losing weight but also help us with mental strength!
After the quarantine most of us, including me are struggling with unwanted weight gain!
Obviously there was no reason for healthy eating if you wouldn’t go anywhere…
So I have decided to start a 35 day challenge to help us all get back on track!
Why don’t you join us?
Here are the rules for your first week!
I have to add that these rules will change from week to week!
7 Weeks to a better you:
1. No cheating on your diet…however you
are allowed a one time treat for 500
2. 1 Gallon of Water daily
3. Take your before picture
4. 420 min of exercising or 1 hour daily
5. Read 5 Pages of a None Fiction Book
6. Write down your weight and body fat
7. Meditate 5 min daily
8. You get additional points by drinking
another 1/2 gallon of water (1 point) or
by exercising another 30 min.
9. You can exchange your points for mess
10. Collect 20 points and treat yourself to
a massage or buy a new outfit in the

I am linking my You Tube Video so you can watch and get used to the idea…
It’s not great since I am in the early stages and have to figure things out (lol)
Don’t judge me…
Thank you so much!
I will