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Imagine you are in a Hotel like environment for a minimum price…
400 000 square feet to your availablility…
Aerobics classes provided around the clock and included in your membership fee!!!
Annual events for charity and to keep you motivated…
The newest classes….
The best instructors…
Most amazing trainers….
Most amazing equipment …
Up to date Maintnance on everything…
Cleanest vacilities….
That is what you get with your membership at Lvac in Las Vegas!!!
This gym cares about you personally!!!
Every single member is important 🙂
We (as us in Personal Trainers) are blessed to be a Part of this Anazing Team!!!
Opportunities open 🙂
With your Focus and Determination you can achieve anything here!
Lvac is a locally owned business!
This business owns all of their properties (not banks)!
Gyms are paid of in short periods of time!
Intelligence leads to growth and success!!!
It is always a privilege to be a part of Lvac.
To find out more about Lvac go to:

Thank you 🙂

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There are many old fashion traditional trainers that think functional training is of unimportance, or yet call it dangerous and causing injuries…
Well, obvious they are “old fashion and traditional” trainers!
Most of all they are uneducated!!!
Here is my thought:
This is my blog ….and I can say whatever I want ( is freedom of speech still one of our amendments ?)
Functional training is preventing injury, not causing it!!!
Our muscle fibers are supposed to work in all 3 planes of motion, not just sagittal!!!
We need to work with stability, balance, core strength and reaction time with everything we do!
If you think this is of no importance, maybe you want to seek a different profession!!!
We are not ment to sit on a machine and be guided by it!
We are supposed to use our functional strength in everything we do….
Picking up groceries …. Getting out of a car….
Taking that purse from that back seat….getting of the floor….
If you don’t understand how our nervous system works, get a desk job ( please)!
Our body is amazing!!!
It’s the most amazing thing you have ever owned!
Treat it the way it’s suppose to be treated!
Value it!
Respect it!
Keep it functional for the rest of your life….
Otherwise….end up on a walker!
Accept your way!
And be done with it!!!
Love, life, happiness!!!

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Thank you 🙂

Whether it is about muscle gain or weight loss, it takes real effort to do!
You have to be consistent!!!
You need a Plan!
You have to be aware of your doing…
In muscle gain your diet and supplementation has to be on the dot!!!
You can not miss a meal or skip a workout.
I know it sounds crazy, but gaining muscle is much harder than losing body fat.
But just as in weight loss, you have to be aware of everything you put in your mouth!!!
Am I feeding my muscle or my body fat?
Remember that there are no excuses!!!
The only person to believe them is you 😉
You are responsible for your own action.
There is always someone else busier than you achieving their goal!
I have used excuses myself in the past….
Until you have a self talk and realize that you are the only obstacle in your life!!!
Not your husband, kids, job, bla…bla…bla…
It is you!!!
We are a spoiled society.
We get everything handed to us.
Time to step it up!!!
Sadly it takes until a terrible disease like becoming diabetic or getting cancer for a person to straighten out…
And some people don’t change even then…
You have to sit down and have that self talk!!!
Is this food worth my health?
Do I continue until I get cancer, hypertension, a heart attack , stroke, or become diabetic?
What’s my choice?
Remember it is ALL up to YOU!!!
You are responsible for you!
Yes, it will take a long time to lose that weight, but time will pass anyway and you will still be miserable ….
It is your time to take charge.
Take control over your life.
It is about effort 🙂
Make time to prepare your meals!
If you want to use an excuse stop now!!!
There are companies that will prepare your food according to your needs!
Not drinking enough water?
If you cut out sodas and Starbucks you will 😉
No time for exercise?
The gym is open 24/7
Or go walk outside 🙂
Have you noticed that the more time you have, the less time you have?
That means “move your butt”!!!
You are simply moping around and waisting time (lol)
Yes, I’ve been there 🙂
Make an effort for change, because this is something that nobody can help you with!!!
….this is real talk….

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It is the best feeling to be able to transform a person from being overweight or even obese to a beautiful competitor!!!
It is also the best feeling to take a skinny fat ectonorph and change them into a lean muscle machine!!!
Being a Personal Trainer can be challenging and consume you mentally…
Having someone not following protocol and having no results is frustrating!
Client success reflects on the Trainers ability!!!
Most clients do not understand .
On top if this the media has brain washed us in believing that there is some quick fix out there, some magic….
My clients happiness and feeling of success is so important for me!
There is nothing better than to see confidence and self love coming in 🙂
I get the most amazing messages…
Changing a persons life to the better , not just their bodies and health is the best reward!!!
I want everyone to succeed!
One person not doing what will make that happen will give me sleepless nights …
I know ..funny…
I need to see these people happy and where they want to be!
My own happiness depends on it 😉
Lets try to make it happen!

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Thank you 🙂

I have to say that most of my clients trust me 100% .
They will follow most I tell them to the T , unless it is time !
These are the people to achieve results!
The closer one get to be 100% to plan, the faster results happen!
There is a big misconception on caloric intake because of the Nutrition Plans that are out there in the media!
The typical 1200 calory diet….
Liquid diets…
None of them can be substained over a long period of time!
Once you go back to your typical eating all your weight , and more will come back!!!
Your body now acts like a sponge and absorbes everything you eat, just to put it right into your fat stores to protect itself from your next hunger episode!
Last week one of my clients was complaining that she had very fast results just eating nothing but vegetables!!!
That my dear is a detox!
You can not go on living forever with only vegetables…
Another one told me she gained 3 pounds of weight on a daily intake of 1500 calories!
That is simply impossible!!!
It takes 3500 calories to gain one pound of fat!!!
Which means you would have to eat a additional of 10500 calories to your everyday intake over your Maintanance to gain that!
That’s a lot of food :-/
I am teaching lifestyle change 🙂
Clean nutritious food in right amounts!
Depending on you personally your diet will be changed just for your needs 🙂
But in order for me to do that you will have to follow exactly what has been given to you!
There is always the super hard working client!
The client you will sometimes hold back to not cause any overtraining …
Of course there is always someone expecting the magic pill that does not exist ….
Then there is the “Tester”!!!
A client that is very smart and know a lot, but not necessarily in my field…
They will constantly test you!
Someone that might need a lot of attention and would be doing much better on a more personal basis like one on one training!
Sometimes this person will eventually adjust to the group.
Sometimes because of insecurity will start poisening the group setting.
That’s when the Trainer will have to decide whether to keep the client, or if it is better for everyone to let the client go!
This sort of client mostly will get only little or no result just to prove the trainer wrong.
We all have been there!
Group Training is about a Team!
Every Team member pushes hard to achieve optimum results!
Every Team member will motivate others in the Team!
There is no Competing who know more and who is prettier….only can u do this weight? Or can I be stricter on my plan to achieve the same results 🙂
I love our Team!
We give 100% effort and support!!!
That’s what a big family is all about 🙂

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Thank you 🙂