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You shouldn’t do density Training more than once per month!
It is pretty taxing on your muscle fibers and may lead to hyper tonicity if abused!
Density training can increase muscle, tighten and strengthen, and takes care of intramuscular fat (fat between fibers)…
There are different ways to aproach it.
You can vary your preverance …
This is a typical leg density workout:
Make sure to warm up sufficient before 😉
Start by squatting (free squatting with bar on your back only if you have perfect form)!
First set of squats 25 reps, time your break 30 seconds (light to medium weight)
Second set of squats 20 reps, 30 second break!
Third set 15 reps, 30 second break.
Fourth set 10 reps, 30 second break.
Fifth set 5 reps!
Instead of taking a break perform a wall seat for 1 full minute!!!
Do this for 3 sets!
You can finish by 3-4 sets of lunges, deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls….e.c.t
The easiest way to do your Squats in density  would be by using Dumbells!
Make sure to stretch well after this workout and use your L-Glutamine, BCAA’s, and protein/carbohydrate supplement after this workout!!!
I will be posting several other ways of getting your density training in over the next weeks!

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As mentioned in a earlier blog the DMS or Deep Muscle Stimulator is a device that works with deep vibration to relax muscle tissue and fascia, eliminates inflammation, bursitis, and so many more issues related to injury!
My first treatment was a little over a week ago…
I had severe muscle pain/ strain in my shoulder and neck area, traveling down my left biceps and rhomboids ….
My neck has been painfully stiff for about 6 weeks, and I have an inflammation in both sides Piriformis!!!
After the first treatment my shoulder was about 75% better , besides a little tightness my neck had no more pain, and I could feel my Piriformis only while sprinting until I was warmed up!
Last Friday I had my second treatment by Eric, who is a Physical Therapist and bought the DMS to help his father with severe back issues….
This is not something Eric does in his everyday practice, but I was fortunate enough for him to be willing to help me 🙂
After the second treatment I’ve noticed that I’ve had no more spasm at night on my Piriformis ( which means the accumulative injury cycle has been broken… or no more reacurring inflammation and scar tissue build up…)!
My neck feels so much better and I’ve regained almost 100% range of motion!
My shoulder is 100% ( and I can sleep without pillow under my arm)…
This device is well worth the money!
Think about this: the sooner you can take care of inflammation, the less injury to your joints!!!

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Client: Kim B.


Before 12-Week Program

Yes! This is what I was built for”. It’s also the first time in my life that I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. Aside from having lost 19lbs since starting, I have slept better, my headaches and back pain are virtually gone, my mood has improved, I cope with stresses better, and I’ve even had lesions on my body that wouldn’t heal- disappear (I forgot that your body needs protein to heal and I was barely eating any before).

I’ve been in decent shape most of my life but in the last several years I’ve felt pretty crappy. Achy, tired, grumpy, mildly depressed, low self-image, no motivation.

I put on more weight than ever in my life by allowing myself to graze on candy and pastries that lay around my work space as an alternative to eating real meals, I was on a roller coaster of fatigue so I would eat because I thought I needed more energy. I drank every night to alleviate the days’ work stressors.

When the scale passed 130 AT ONLY 5’2 I was NOT HAPPY but still not motivated enough to do what I knew I should do.

Last Christmas we went on a cruise and the pictures told me a story of what a big dump I had become. I had been using very low calorie diets or even fasting to lose quick weight but of course it always came back. I can’t imagine how much muscle I lost over the years by doing that. I was starting to get a little stressed because in 6 months I would be turning 40 and I couldn’t look like that!

One day my friend Lars was telling me about his wife (and our friend) Kim and how she was doing the GROUP FIGURE BIKINI TRAINING AND COMPETING. He showed me pictures of her and the team. They looked amazing! He said if I only changed one thing to start with I should start drinking more water; Additionally, increase my meals and eat more protein.

That week I started and began reading about GROUPFIGURETRAINING.COM and reading the before and after stories on the website. I also learned that my friend from high school was also on the team (Kim Trujillo). After not seeing her for over 20 years we had a chance meeting where she told me how wonderful the program was. The Universe had spoken and I would have been a fool not to listen!

I called Angela that night to sign up.

The group training has been successful for me because I have people to answer to and people that challenge, support, and commiserate with me. Angela and Claudia are fitness angels. I can’t thank them enough for the knowledge they have given me. The girls in the group are all amazing people who inspire me every day. I am truly blessed to be a part of this team! I can’t wait for the next new me to be unveiled in 12 more weeks! ….Things to do before you die….Get Ripped!

After 12-Week Program

Most of us are used to having 3 main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner!
it is hard sometimes to make people understand that you need to eat healthy snacks in between!
Or to explain to  people that you need to  eat  breakfast!
Okay now like I said in a previous blog, you are coming out of a 6-7-or 8 hour hunger period in the morning.
You have no fuel ( glycogen, protein) in your system!
The first thing your body does is shutting down your metabolic rate if you do not eat….
After that everything , or most of what  you do eat will be stored as fat
No eating between meals will do the same thing!
Do not starve yourself….eat every 3 hours!
I am leaning out best by eating every 2 hours.
No, those are not big meals ( about 100-200 calories per meal), low in fats, high in protein, low in carbs.
Eating small meals every 2-3 hours will keep your metabolism switched on the “burning phase” , and keeps muscle breakdown at bay….
This is happening when you are starving:
Your body stops burning because you are putting it on the starvation mode!
Your body now converts muscle to glycogen as fuel because there is none…..
You are losing muscle…..
Now after x amount of hours you are eating a high fatty, high starchy, high caloric meal because you are hungry as hell!
You body will use almost all the calories ( especially the fat ones) and store them as body fat!!!
So you keep losing muscle and keep gaining body fat.
Pretty soon you will have reversed your muscle to fat raitio to a fat to muscle ratio ( don’t cry)…..
Not good 🙁
You can not do what you did in the past and expect different results!!!
I can understand if you are in a operating room and are dealing with patients going under surgery, but I do not understand why you can not have a protein shake sitting on your counter to sip on once in a while, or being retired and just to comfortable to change ( you know who you are….)
If you are waiting for a servant to give you that 3 hour meal, good luck ( spoiled)
Remember your body is a chemical factory!!!
What you put in will show on your body in return!

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As soon as you enter a Competition Plan friends, colleges will want to ask you what you are doing , what are you eating, a.s.o
It seams to be very intriguing as soon as it carries the word “competition”!
The difference between a competition program and a weight loss program is that you can’t skip workouts, you are not allowed to cheat on your diet ( cheating on the diet means having extra egg whites or an additional 1/2 cup of oats…), you can not skip cardio!
The diet is also much stricter , but not neccessarly lower in calories, depending on the person!
Some people lean out on 2000 calories, some need to go very low on their intake!
It depends if a person has been on a diet most of their life’s, which slows down your metabolic rate dramatically!!!
It is rather interesting to hear everyone’s opinion…
>>> you should not be eating all that protein”
a competition diet is not a life style diet, it’s for competition purposes! You stay on it for x amount ( usually 12 weeks) of time.
You can tell these people that you are drinking a gallon of water or more to flush out your kidneys while their soda doesn’t do anything for them except slow down their thyroid, deplete bones, and cause cancer 🙂
>>> you should not lift that heavy, you will look like a guy!!!
That is the biggest misconception I have ever heard!!!
Believe me if it was that easy to build muscle I would be the Hulk by now!!
We are sculpting the body which requires heavy lifting.
Believe me men prevere a tight sculpted body over a soft higher in body fat one….
>>> all that cardio can’t be good for your heart!
We heard it all (lol)!!!
Sitting on the couch is not good for your heart 🙂
Your heart is a muscle and needs to be worked!

Most nagging you get will be because of diet!
You need to eat some “real food”!
Americans are under the misconception that healthy clean eating does not provide adequat nutrition, when in fact it is highly nutritious ….
Pizza, burgers and sweets are food like substances catering to the lazy not wanting to cook and are highly dangerous for your health!!!
There is no nutrition but health depleting substances in them!
Entering a competition diet and program might give you flu like symptoms in the beginning, which means now that your body is getting the right fuel it has to get rid of the toxins!
You are detoxing!!!
After a week or two energy increases, and you feel like a million bucks 😉
So to all these people that know better:
Keep drinking your soda, beer, artificial energy drinks (that you need because of your lack of nutrition)
Keep eating your processed high fat food and see what your health is like 10 years from now!
Keep not moving and complaining about your body!
Any weight loss or fat loss program is about effort!
The more you put in, the better the results!

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