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So you are out of town and there is no gym available ….
You can always run or walk outside.
But even if you do not have the opportunity to do so either because of weather, temperatures, or other circumstance, you can find some way to get a little workout in!
Start by marching in place for 2 minutes.
Imaginary jump rope for 2 minutes.
15 push ups
15 squats
15 jump squats
20 alternating lunges
10 burpee’s
1 minute wall seats
Repeat 4 times
Now change your routine :
20 sit ups
20 Pilates roll ups
10 moving side planks
10 moving planks
10 opposite arm and leg raises
1 minute holding plank
20 bicycles
20 flutter kicks
50 crunches
Repeat 3 times
Even while out of town you still need to watch your diet and drink plenty of water!
Don’t come home after a mini trip carrying excess weight 😉
Enjoyment comes from relaxation, being around family and friends and enjoying your environment , not from food and excess drinking…
( things I come up with while getting my pedicure)….

My business partner Angela Farrar will be at Freddie’s Nutrition tomorrow Saturday June 30’s to talk about supplements and their purpose!
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Build more muscle, tighten skin, performance ( endurance and strength), even giving your puppies better health and nutrition!!!
Any questions you’ve ever had, come and ask Freddie how!!!!
Not only does he have expert knowledge, but he is a very nice and down to earth person!
No intimidation!!!
Freddie loves to help people get better, healthier and be happier just like we do 🙂
It’s 30 min of your time!!!!
Freddie’s Nutrition on Sahara and Buffalo at 3pm!
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Woman are somewhat different from men!
A man can see himself as beautiful and desired at any stage of age or weight, while a woman see’s flaws no matter how perfect she is!
We are so disoriented by the media on how we need to look, how skinny we need to be, and how flawless society wants us….
It seams to happen even to me were I do not see myself as I am even at competition stage!
I still see flaws and impe rfection!
Later when I look at pictures I can see how amazing my body was…. yet at that moment I will be to blind to see:(
It really explains to me how eating disorders can take place)!
How can we ever compare to magazine quality women?
How hard will we have to work at this to be compatible with what we are trying to copy?
Very scary!
I think personally we need to get away from what we see in the media and what is expected from us and the public …
We need to realize that we are human beings!!!
Soul, body, beautiful minds!
Competition stage will last about one week…
After that we will ad a few pounds to this frame to hydrate!!!
This is a good thing 🙂
Gaining 10 pounds over Competition weight is normal!
There is something called life also…..
Balance is the key!
Love yourself the way you are!!!
You will never be enough perfect for yourself…,
Realize that this is you!!!
All the glory…
All the beauty…
All of you 🙂
Stop critizicing yourself, because YOU are awesome!!!
Love yourself!
Soul, Body, and Mind 🙂

It’s always the same every week!
We are separating body parts for several reason:
1: we are training every day and your muscle has to
grow in the recovery time! As I explained in a
earlier blog, muscle growth does not happen while
you work out ! It happens in your resting time!
All we do in the gym is tear up muscle so your
Body can repair it and make it stronger!
2: we are building better bodies in isolating muscle
Groups ( even though there is no 100% isolation)!
We can do 3-4-and 5 exercises per muscle to get
more tearing down done and better repair by your
3. Keeps you from getting bored 🙂
Monday’s we are working on Legs ( we had to change our Monday’s and coordinate with other group trainers)
Tuesday’s is Chest and Back day!
More Back than Chest ( this is Vegas)
Wednesday we are working on Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps)…
Thursday’s is a second Leg day ( woman love nice legs) and Core 🙂
The rest of the week the girls are restricted from lifting weights so they can build muscle during that time!
All they are allowed is cardiovascular training and some abdominals for the Figure girls!
In Bikini judges like to see small waists, but no deep six packs!

Angela Farrar will be at Freddie’s Nutrition on Sahara and Buffalo Saturday June 30’s at 3pm to answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about supplements and nutrition!
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Want more endurance? Look and feel younger?
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It’s a win…win situation!
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Be there!!!