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A year ago I was feeling pretty miserable. I had gained too much weight over the last few years and I felt dumpy and depressed. I was very tired and generally did not feel well. I knew I needed to start eating better and exercising but was caught in a vicious cycle and had no motivation. I rewarded and comforted myself with food and alcohol.

Soon I would be 40 and I always planned to be in good shape so I started feeling a little anxious when I realized how far from that goal I was. Looking at myself in a picture I said “Is that what I really look like!” I was horrified that I had let myself go like that. You would think that would have been enough motivation but it wasn’t. But thankfully the stars aligned and one day our friend Kim Blomberg’s husband was telling me about her success in group training and her first bikini competition and showing her photos. I was amazed how great she looked. I began to read up on figure competition training and diets and looking at a lot a before and after pictures along with success stories of real women, some of which I knew, who had amazing transformations with group training in as short as 12 weeks. My curiosity was peeked and I thought it was something I could do.  I thought “what is something I’ve never done before?…been ripped!” I had actually never seen my abs in my life and made that a personal goal and a birthday present to myself. Finally, after meeting up with my childhood friend Kim Trujillo, who was also a group training success. I realized the universe was telling me something and I signed up.

That was the best decision I had made in a long time. My body responded so well and so quickly to this program. At my highest weight I was 135. I had never been over 120 most of my life. My first recorded body fat was 28%. Within 10 weeks I had lost 20 lbs! I felt so good as if every day my body was saying thank you. After only two weeks of training I already began to see some muscles peeking out and that’s when I decided I would compete. Now six months later I have achieved my goals. I had abs for my 40th in September and was proud to stand on stage in my first figure completion November 3rd-Ripped! My final weight 109 and body fat 14%. Additionally all the aches, pains, skin conditions, bad mood, and poor sleep disappeared.

I love getting my butt kicked, I love sweating, I love lifting heavy, I love feeling sore. It’s all strangely addicting. Not a bad addiction to have. I especially love working out with my girlfriends. Group training provided the accountability and support I needed to be successful and stick with it when I might have given up or cheated badly if I was alone. Claudia is an amazing trainer. Her years of expertise guarantee results and the quality of the individual program she develops for you. Her fun loving personality guarantees the workout will be fun and full of laughter. I thank her in my heart almost daily for giving me a positive self-image and self-love, things I’ve never developed until now. It feels so good to look in the mirror and be happy with myself.

Not everyone is thinking about the future and what we plan for it…
I am one that does!
Maybe that is why it’s so hard for me to enjoy the moment, or maybe it’s because I work almost all of my session myself, not like other Trainers that employ people under them to take care of their business….
I always think that if someone hires me as their Coach, they do want me to coach them?!
I might be wrong….
Getting of the subject again (oops)!
My plans for 2013 is to build up my business, to increase the number of clients and hours to train!
I am planning to hire Trainers as well to train under me, but I will be there and seen as well 🙂
Right now (after taking care of my Taxes) I am trying to figure out how to manage having trainers as well as being there for my clients!
As you all know, Training is my passion and I will not give up my hands on work 🙂
I am so excited about my growing business, because when everyone else slowed down, I grew!
Body Revision attire will be for sale by next week!!!
T’s, Jackets, Hats, try out leggins and pants as well as long sleeve tops!
Planning for next years Body Revision Team Vegas Events!!!
Socializing trips like dance, shopping and dinners.
Hiking events a.s.o…..
January Body Revision will have another sign up at Freddie’s Nutrition!
We’ll add another little Party with Food and Drinks and some Entertainment….
We’ll be giving out amazing prices and special discounts….
I am just excited for everything happening to BR Team Vegas 🙂

For myself I am planning to compete at least twice in 2013!!!
Maybe even more than that, depending on how much time I have to get ready!
Happy to be back focused, excited about life, being myself again 🙂
I know that this will be one of my most successful years ever!!!
And that is what I wish for you as well ….

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He is one to care about the individual and that’s why we love him!!!
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Aliante Chiropractic is a super modern facility that offers so many amazing treatments!!!!
Looking for a Chiropractor?
Look no longer!
Dr Jaeger and Dr Moor are the nicest down to earth people you will ever meet!
The staff at Aliante Chiropractic will make you feel comfortable, and with special discounts for BR members you will get your money’s worth!
Eric Sparks with Functionality Maximized has only one thing in mind…
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Eric will help you function at your 100% capacity!!!
The quickest way to get rid if pain….
Eric is a “I come to your home” Physical Therapist!
His knowledge is amazing!
No reason to be intimidated…
He is kind, sweet, and only wants to help you! Eric offers special discounts for BR members!

Pacific tan offers a wide variety of services:
Regular and advanced tanning beds…. Red light treatment….mystic tan….fascials…the list goes on!
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Thank you 🙂

Group Training came out about 10 years ago…
I remembered when I’ve first seen it and thought “how strange”…
Since then we started reality TV, the Biggest Loser Series a.s.o
From the client few Group Training offers affordable Personal Training’
Cost is $10-$20 per session per client!
Success rates are much higher than in one on one Training .
Group Training is competitive not only in the intensity but also weight loss wise!!!
Group Training offers a amazing support system and sense of belonging 🙂
We call it our family!
To the Trainer it is a better way of income, amazing success rate (90%) and a fun way of doing work!!!
Traditional Training is slowly fading because Trainer as well as Trainee are getting eventually burned out….
Lets do a set of Chest Press…wait 30sec to a minute…do another one while we talk about our day….
In Group Training friendships are made, laughes shared, the client leaves feeling energized and ready to go about their day!
I hear this so much when my “kids” tell me :” this is my social outlet … ” or “I used to go to bars, but now I come here “!
Group Training is a mix of Traditional as well as Functional Training.
The Fitness Field is changes every year…
If you don’t go with the flow, you will be stuck not getting any busier…
Everything we learn in every workshop is functional and recovery and intensity….
It is amazing and powerful!
Once a person experienced Group Training they will be most likely not to go back to one on one Training again!
Group Training is performed in a circuit kind of fashion where there is not much of a break in between exercises (your break might be plyometrics or some sort of functional movements).
This keeps your heart rate in fat burn and increases natural growth hormon secretion in the body, which helps fat loss!!!
So why are many Trainers not in favor of Group Training?
Because for the Trainer it is hard work!!!!
100% Focus, being there 100% mentally….being able to multi task!
Being a Group Personal Trainer is exhausting, but it is also the Best Thing in this World :))

For all your needs in Supplements please visit Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas (215 and Flamingo or West Sahara and Buffalo next to Sushi Fever) or simply click on the Freddie’s link on this page!

Thank you!

Party went great!
Everybody brought some kind of vegetable dish (and a banana bread)!
I served Turkey braised with olive oil instead of butter with rosemary and Fiesta Lime Dash (no stuffing )
Purple cabbage cooked in low sodium both with one sliced apple and one onion.
Cook until cabbage totally falls apart (about 2 hours).
Celery Root :
One large celery root (take of skin and cut into cubes)
2 large tomatoes (cut into cubes)
1/4 onion ( diced)
1 garlic glove (minced)
Cook celery root for about 10 min
Add galic and onion for another 5
Add tomato
Pepper, parsley, and Dash

Crazy Veggie Salad:
2 cups of Brussels sprouts
2 cups of Cabbage
1/2 cup purple Cabbage
1 green Pepper
2 cups Kale (no stems)
2 tbsp low fat ranch
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
Dried carrots and dried celery.
Mix it all up.
Makes about 6 servings

Pomegrant -Apple- Walnut Loaf

2 cups of old fashion oats
1 cup walnuts
1 cup pomegranates
1 diced green apple
1/2 cup trivia
Egg whites only (1 carton)
Cinnamon, artificial rum extract, banana extract
Mix it all up with a spoon (it may look watery …)
Use Pam spray or coconut oil to grease baking pan and bake at 380 degrees for one hour (test with fork if it is cooked all the way through…)
Makes about 12 servings!

Holiday Food does not have to be heavy or unhealthy!
There is no reason to gain 10-15 pounds during the Holidays 😉

For all your supplements please go see Freddie at Freddie’s Nutrition!
Or simply click on the link right here 🙂
Please help an abused animal in need and donate to the Trio’s Foundation!
I just did!
You can click on the Trio’s link to enter their page 🙂
Thank you so much!!!

Start your ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION December 15th at Freddie’s Nutrition on Sahara at 10am!
It is on a Saturday morning, and yes you can make it!
But even if you just want to sit in on a consultation, feel free to do so!
Freddie is giving all Body Revision Clients a special discount …and on December 15th only it will be even better!!!
Buy your supplements lower than online prices!!
But you have to come to his Store on West Sahara Saturday December 15th!
The consultation will take about one hour during which we talk about training method, fat burning, what the perfect heart rate for fat burning should be…
Food intake and water!
The importance of just the right carbohydrates.
How to speed up your metabolic rate.
What to expect..
Stages you will enter during your journey!
How to deal with cravings and emotions….
It is very powerful and I urge you to come and listen 🙂
You won’t have to purchase anything but learn tons!!!!
Freddie’s Nutrition and Body Revision have teamed up to help you to achieve amazing results!!!!
There is no one or the other, there is only both ….

At 6pm you are invited to Body Revisions Christmas Party at Claudia’s house 🙂
Bring a healthy side dish and a $10 gift for our annual Gift Exchange!
Peggy Pruchniki will be offering free B12 shots and fascial fillers for a amazing discounted prize!!!
She will have a special gift for you ready to show her appreciation.
Have fun, make new friends and mingle…

It’s all about TEAM work 🙂
Lets get this Party started!!!!