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Serena was training online with me for December 1st Excalibur in Culver City!
One of the biggest NPC shows!
Congratulations Serena for 6th Place!!!
You look fabulous!

As with anything consistency is the key!
You will not put on pounds by having one bad high fatty meal, but because you are doing this repeatedly ....
I hear it all the time :" I was really good last week but my weight didn't change"'
Well, you need to be good longer than that!!!
Remember it takes 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat 😉
Fact is you are putting weight on quicker than losing it!!!
There is nothing we can do except for changing our life style .
You will not get fit by working out one day!!!!
You will not lose weight by eating right one time!!!
You will not hydrate by being good on your water intake one time!!!
Consistency is the key to everything ....
One alcoholic beverage will not make you a alcoholic!
We are creatures of habit 🙁
Consistency means getting out of your comfort zone and changing your life style...
This will take effort on your side!
Effort means you will be uncomfortable for a while until your new life style becomes your new habit and comes automatic....
Not willing to get out of your comfort zone means simply that you will never have results!!!
No one will do this for you....
There is no quick fix or pill or whatever....
It's all you 🙂
Time to wake up and smell the coffee!
Eat all the food on your plan, but don't add!
Drink all your water and more...
Take all your supplements and don't cut corners to be cheap!
One cocktail in a bar cost more than that expensive supplement!!!
Don't skip cardio ....
Your program is all, not half !!!
Remember consistency 🙂

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Thank you
Isn't it the same every year?
We have all the intentions to get healthy and lose weight, but after a couple of weeks all the motivation is gone and we fall back into our old behavior...
Life style changes are hard.
It is difficult to change your habits and put effort into a set goal
We know what we want, but it seems to be do much work...
And as we all know consistency is the key!!!
So how do we change this?
We might have to change how we view our goals and set realistic goals and time frames on it!
1. Make weekly goals rather than long term goals!
It is easier to reach them and not as frustrating to see how much further you'll have to go....
2. Make your family understand that you need their support!!!
Sit down with them and make them responsible about their behavior towards you!
3. Keep only healthy food in the house!!! You get hungry? You'll eat healthy 🙂
4. Tell your family to eat snacks and goodies when you are not there...
Tell them to hide those from you where you cannot find them!
Let them disguise rappers and signs of treat in the garbage...
5. Never shop hungry!!!!
6. Eat before meeting friends for dinner.... You will end up with the salad instead of the pasta dish 🙂
7. One hour of exercising is 4% of your day!!
If you have time to watch TV you have time to exercise 😉

Remember Excuses are for losers!
That's not you!!!
With the proper diet, supplementation and workout routine you will meet your goal faster!!!

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Thank you!
In the last weeks Body Revision has grown dramatically!!!
It is one of the most successful programs out there at this point 😉
I am so proud of the climbing success rate and hard work I've put in so far...
Reid Burk is a advanced NASM certified Trainer and Coach who is going to help me train my larger groups as well as train my Friday 5:45pm leg session!
I have chosen Reid because of his professionalism as well as his amazing personality!!!
He is very approachable and helpful in every way.
Reid also knows a persons abilities (this takes talent) and understands when to push and when to back of 🙂
Faith Forrester Schaffer   is one of my beautiful clients that competed in the Las Vegas Classics last month and got inspired to become a Personal Trainer 🙂
As of right now Faith is studying for her Personal Training Exam to be ready to help me in the New Year!!!
You will love Faith's sweet personality and sense of humor as well as her beautiful smile.
Faith will be working in conjunction with me to help keeping us at a professional level as well as maintaining the quality of each session 🙂
My job is my passion, and I will be there at almost all session except when I am planning to go on vacation, which as you know happens not very often (lol)!
There will be more changes along the way as our Team grows and expands....
All changes will be only to improve and better service to you!!!
You, the client, are what Training Services should be all about!
Our Team...Team Body Revision and Freddie's Nutrition are working overtime to give you The Best Service...The Best Success...and The Best Experience of your life!!!!
That is our goal 🙂
Team Health
Team Fit
Team Success
Your Experience is our Goal!
We'll make it a great one 🙂

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For your Supplements and Nutrition needs visit Freddie's in Las Vegas or simply click on the Freddie's link on this page 🙂
Signing up December 15th?
Get your supplements at a special discount that day only!
But you will have to come to his West Sahara Store at 10am!!!
Thank you 🙂