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Last Wednesday my brother in law died of a heart attack!
It was sudden…
Wednesday Stan got ready for work but suddenly collapsed.
My sister in law Margie rushed into the bathroom to find him lying on the floor.
He got delivered into the hospital 15 minutes later, just to pass away about one hour later….
His brain shut off from not getting oxygen ๐Ÿ™
Did they put him on life support?
We don’t know!
I don’t think there was a cardiologist on staff (Farmington New Mexico))!
What would have saved him?
Taking 4 aspirin with first symptoms might have saved his life…

About Stan:
Stan was a amazing man!
He lived all of his life in Farmington!
He was a Financial Adviser owning his own business…
Occasional he came to visit Las Vegas, where he met my sister in law Margie!
Stan was a great husband and amazing father to my niece and nephew!
A good hearted person that cared about others !
I remember my husband used to dislike him since he was more than 20 years older than Margie ๐Ÿ˜‰
Stan was a smoker, had ADD (meds), and was not following a good diet!
Most of his food was high fat, high cholesterol , high sugar!
Combined with the doctor peppers , the medication he was on, the smoking, stress, and being almost 60 years old was not good!!!!
He will be truly missed ….

You can change your health, your life span by simply following a couple if rules…
1. Don’t smoke!!!!
2. Eat low fat, low cholesterol , low saturated fats
3. Exercise including your heart (cardio)
4. Keep your food low in inflammatory intake and high in good fats!
5. Don’t ignore symptoms: symptoms can appear weeks or month ahead of time!
Don’t ignore them… Start taking aspirin daily!
6. Control your cholesterol by using fish oil, red rice yeast, and other cholesterol fighters!
7. Keep your fiber content up!!!
Fiber can attachรฉ to cholesterol and help eliminating it!

60 is to young to die!
Know how to take care of your body!!!!
Thank you!

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚