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Myra’s Testimonial:

I began my fitness journey with Claudia on July 4th, 2016. It has been the most empowering, extraordinarily uplifting, and rewarding experience for me.  As a new mother, I struggled to accept how I physically looked after giving birth to my daughter.  I had no energy, no endurance, zero motivation, strength, and I lacked self-confidence. I was tired of being tired and tired of being non-productive with my well-being.

Through this process with Claudia, she has given me not only the guidance that I needed to reboot my body but, she has been a resurgence of true inspiration in my life. She has uplifted me and allowed me to achieve what I could not have achieved alone with weight training, successful and safe weight loss and a dramatic loss in body fat.

She focuses on the individual person and their own personal journey and every struggle you endure. She makes it her personal mission and fully focuses on you. We are not compared to one another. When I needed the extra boost, when I had doubt, she gave me the tools to persevere. She set realistic but challenging goals for me to meet and preferably exceed weekly. When I didn’t meet my weekly goal, she reset my path and gave me ample drills and meal plans that suited not only my body structure, but my busy lifestyle as a busy working professional and mother. She tailored my plan when she saw me struggle but she made sure I pushed and challenged myself physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally.

Claudia’s program saved my well-being. I struggled everyday with my body image and there were periods when I was malnourished out of fear of continuously gaining body fat. I didn’t see any improvement and I began looking and feeling worse physically and emotionally.

When I signed up for Claudia’s program, I stayed committed to my plan after seeing dramatic and pleasing results. So much so, that I’m not the slightest bit tempted to cheat my body, myself and all of the hard work, effort, and investment I put into my program with Claudia. I never thought I could look so voluptuous, shredded and sexy. I owe my continued success to Claudia. She is truly exemplary in her profession and I promise all the readers out there that she is an expert in her field. Trust her and just remember it takes time, patience, discipline and most importantly, she teaches you to have fun and enjoy the process.

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing transformation Claudia from the inside-out.







Myra Heins