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November 10 at 10am sign up for the new program at Freddie’s on Sahara at 10am!
Dr Jason Jaeger will be appearing to talk about Aliante Chiropractic giving sponsorship to first place winners as well as sponsoring all BR clients in terms of treatment and overal health scan ( spinal alignment)!
Freddie will give us is amazing discount on already low prices 🙂
We will be taking before pictures and messurments and take your weight and body fat!

November 10 4pm until 6pm ( or later…)
Ladies night at my house!!!
Botox for a discounted price and other fillers by Peggy Pruchnicki!
DMS by Eric Sparks and Functionality Maximized!
This treatment is offered for up to $400 in other states (if you can find it), Eric is offering this amazing treatment for $54 !
It will take about 30min to treat all your problem areas!
Gel Nails by Karen for $25!
No pedicure or manicure included!
Come with Pre files and clean hands and feet…
Get pampered!
Food and drinks are being served and I will have the backyard fireplace going!

December 15 Body Revision Christmas Party at my house!!!
Pot Luck Style!
Bring a healthy dish to share….
We’ll have a Gift Exchange ($10)!
Music, Fun and Good Times!!!

You will have to register for ALL EVENTS since there is only limited availability !!!
Register by contacting me at:
(702) 528-5011
Or email me at
Thank you!!!

New changes are coming up!
As most of you already know Angela and I (Claudia Aquino) will be parting after November 3rd right after we are finishing the Las Vegas Classics together!
This will be a new journey for both of us!
Angela has always been known for her drastic weight losses she produced in the past, and I have always been known for Competition Training and extreme transformation (body fat loss)!
I will also keep my time slots and even add more:
Mondays 6am 8:30am 3pm 5:45pm
Tuesdays 6am 9am 3pm 5:45pm
Wednesday’s 6am 8:30am 3pm 5:45pm
Thursday’s 6am 9am 3pm 5:45pm
Eventually 4pm
Fridays I will add a 6am and 5:45pm class
Also starting November I will have a Saturdays 8am Bootcamp at Durango Hills Park!
There is many session to chose from!
Body Part Schedule will be as follows:
Mondays Shoulders and Arms
Tuesdays legs
Wednesdays Back and Chest
Thursdays Core and Abs
Fridays second easy leg day
Saturdays Bootcamp
Fridays and Saturdays will be bonus workouts, which means when I travel these will be canceled….
However as you know 😉 that does not happen often….
Trainer Heather and Katie will be training exclusively under Sexyfit (Angela Farrar)!
I know you will miss them as will I!
I am excited about this new journey in helping you achieve your fitness goals!
New sign up for February 9th NPC Culver City is November 10th at 10am at Freddie’s Nutrition!

For all your Supplemental needs please see Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas or enter his online store by clicking on the link on this page!
For your adjustments and injuries check out Aliante Chiropractic by visiting their website by clicking on the link on this page…
Thank you 🙂

November 10th BR Team Vegas will have a Ladies night Celebration at Claudia’s house!
We are offering Botox and other Fillers for a Discounted Price!
Gel Nails by Karen, and DMS Treatment by Eric and FM!
This will be one of many Events to come 🙂
Peggy Pruchnicki with Simply Radiant is one of Body Revisions new Sponsors and is offering amazing discounts to all BR clients!
We will offer snacks and drinks.
So, remember November 10th at 10am sign up for our starting Journey, NPC Culver City, California at Freddie’s Nutrition on Sahara Ave, and Celebrate Ladies night at 4pm with Eric, Karen, Peggy, and I !
To make an appointment or schedule your sign up or treatment contact me at:
(702) 528-5011

For all your Supplemental needs please visit Freddie’s in Las Vegas or simply click on the Freddie’s link on this page!
Thank you 🙂

I remember when clients used to tell me that coming the gym was their social outlet!
That they were looking forward in seeing me!!!
I made them feel better about their day…
I want to go back to that 🙂
I want my clients to feel appreciated, loving to work out, having the best experience of their life!!!
What is the best reward for me?
Getting text messages that say:” this was one of the best experiences in my life”….
Obviously my job is paying my bills, but I want to put quality and love back into my daily work!!!
My goal is to keep groups at a reasonable number to stay up with quality!
I want people to be exited once again to come to the gym to see me!
If you know me and what I am about you will realize that I will go 150% to be there for you!!!
This is so much more to me than money or fame!!!
To make someone’s life better…
To be there and support them…
To see happiness in a face…
I care 100%!!!
And that’s what makes me happy!!!
I love my job 🙂
I’m ecstatic to see a lot of the old crowd ( the once to be there from the beginning) coming back!!!
I am proud to be who I am!
Somehow I feel God has placed me here for a reason 😉
I can not wait to start my own journey 😉
I will go that extra mile for you…
I will do whatever it takes to make you successful…
This journey is not about me!
It is about you!!!!
Thank you 🙂

Please donate to the Trio’s foundation to help a animal in need…
For all your supplemental needs please visit Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas, or simply click on the link on this page to enter his online store!
If you are in need to deal with your muscle imbalances please contact either Eric Sparks with Functionality Maximized or Aliante Chiropractic !
Together we can do anything!!!

Body Revision Team Vegas is getting ready to launch our new 12 week program!
In Partnership with Freddie’s Nutrition we are offering this amazing program to get you into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!!!
If you have ever thought about competing or just looking like a Competitor, this program is for you!!!
We are signing up November 10th at 10am at Freddie’s Nutrition 7985 West Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Sign up Package will include one free BR Team Vegas Shirt, supplement samples, coupon on DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator), Botox, Haute Photography, and much more 🙂
We’ll be talking about the progression not only in training, but also in nutrition and supplementation!
Remember your body is a chemical factory, and what you put in it will be the result of your goal!!!
This is a number one educational event to explain muscle gain/ fat loss/ endurance muscle/ muscle density and symmetry !!!
We are taking a average person and we are turning them into
Number one Athletes!!!
BR Team Vegas is ready to give you 100%!!!
This AMAZING and AFFORDABLE Program is ready for you to take full advantage and turn your goals into reality!
Don’t delay!!!
Spots are limited!!!!
Join now :))
Contact me at 702 528-5011 or email me at
Amazing prices for this Program or join one week free to try out 😉
Low prices ending December 31st!
Monthly fee until December 31st $350 per month or pay 3 month in advance to get 10% discount!!!
Join now!