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If you are still looking for Christmas Gift Ideas, here are some examples!
If your husband is like mine, he probably has everything or buys everything for himself…
Same as how many shoes or purses does your wife need?
Some of my friends that tell me about owning 100 purse and I’m thinking “there are only 365 days in a year…”
So, here are some ideas:
1.One on one Training!
You can buy a month or 10 sessions…
You can just purchase 1 or more sessions.
2. Group Training!
Give one month of Group Training or purchase 3 month from me and get a 4th month Free!
3. 30 min One on One Training or Stretching Sessions!
4. Purchase their Supplements
5. Gym membership
6. Massage
7. Cryotherapy
8. Chiropractic Adjustments
9. Hair Treatments
10. Facial, Pedicure, Manicure
Hope this helps with your Gift Selection!

I bought a delicious Turkey Breast this week!
Marinated with garlic, rosemary, butter, salt and pepper!
I baked it for about one hour.
Side dish was cauliflower and Japanese mini sweet potatoes.
I just put the sweet potatoes in foil and baked them with the turkey in the oven.
Cauliflower was simply steamed.
I also made some red cabbage!
Bring chicken broth to a boil, add onions and the red cabbage!
After the cabbage becomes soft you can add 1/2 apple (cut into cubes) or 2 tbsp of blackberry jelly!
This will offset the taste a little!
You can also just add some stevia which is what I did here.
Posting the video below and Thank you so much for following

Just in case you won’t make it to the gym, here is a little Workout that you can do anywhere whether you have equipment or not!
I will post the video below:
1. Sumo Squats with biceps curls and front
2. Dumbbell Sit ups
3. Close Stands Squats and isomeric
4. Dumbbell arm reach and side step
5. Dumbbell close shoulder press and Jack
6. Kneeling rear deltoid fly with pulse.
7. Back row and extend
8. Upper chest press and triceps extension
You can perform these several sets.
Great for overall condition and calorie burn!
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving ??

This will be the first change in my diet!
So far we started with Keto.
We kept our Fats high to stabilize our blood sugar (glucose levels) to prevent raging hunger…
We cut out all sugar and starches.
Also incorporated intermittent fasting which helped producing those ketones…
Here are the new changes:
We are still getting our intermittent Fasting in, but it will be dinner that we are skipping…
I’m dropping Fats down a little by changing to leaner meats.
I am raising carbohydrates to between 50 and 70 grams!
I will add one higher carbohydrate day on Sundays!
I have started to carry a one gallon bottle of water around with me (one thing I always hated)!
It helps me to get my water intake up!
Simple dietary changes right now before we entering our next change…
I posted a short video about it!
Thank you so much!

Pilates is a mix between Ballet and Active Flexibility.
It is excellent for hip strength as well as neuromuscular function.
I like to incorporate a simple segment of these stretches into my routine about twice per week if I have time…
I start with the straight leg stretch followed by the bend leg tuck (head of the floor, activating abdominal and pelvic floor muscles).
I follow with half circles 8-10 in both directions (going across the body, not outside the body …see video)
On my side in fetal position I start with hot potatoes (not sure who made up this name…) and little circles in both directions.
Now I am drawing big circles in both directions and bicycles (video).
Last one in this position is straight leg raises.
I am staying on the same side as I bend both knees and perform my clam exercises, elevated clam and touch the floor, extend….
10 reps each or in both directions.
Always finish one side first before move to your other side.
In the beginning there might be some hip cracking, since your body has to adjust.
After you do this for a little while it will go away!
Remember this is not exercise advice.
You are following at your own risk!
Here is the video and Thank you 🙂