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Let’s talk about Goal Setting!
How many pounds do you want to lose realistically?
If we are considering 1-2 pounds per week we’ll have to realize that it will take 20-30 weeks to lose it!
Yes, you can starve yourself but it will not be sustainable…
If you are putting your goal weekly goal weight into your calendar and keep looking at it daily, it will help you to stay consistent!
Another reason we want to lose slower, which is not a problem after 50….
Is so we can give our body a chance to tighten our skin!
We want to have a end result that we enjoy not something that needs to be covered up!
I have a daily routine to help tighten my skin.
I start with dry brushing.
Dry brushing helps getting your lymphatic system going.
It is a great detox for your skin.
I exfoliate in the shower after I washed myself down…
I’m using a massage tool that is widely available!
You can see it in the video I am posting beneath…
The body cream I am using has natural oils.
It’s a little heavy but very nourishing for the skin.
I am adding a tiny bit of cayenne oil paste for additional circulation.
Be very, very careful with the cayenne paste!!!
Do not touch your private parts (wear underwear when you apply).
Wash your hands immediately afterwards and DO NOT HAVE SEX, unless you hate your husband!

You will notice that your skin will get a little softer and more cellulite looking in the beginning, however after your fist week of doing this your skin will be beautiful and tight!

My favorite Detox Drink!
This will help detox your organs to help speed up weight loss!
8oz Spring Water
1-2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp Cinnamon
Stevia to taste

It sounds weird but is actually delicious!

I wanted to share my lunch today:
Depending on how many times you eat during your day…
1-2 Trout Filet
Salt Pepper Dil
Add Tomato cubes and Feta Cheese
Bake for 25 min
My side dish was 1 small Avocado with Salt and Pepper
6 Olives

Finally Temperatures in Vegas are only at 80 Degrees at 7am
I love my Park Workout!
It’s a little detox from artificial light and electronic devices….
No, I am not running…
I have terrible plantar fasciitis and running would take me down for 2 weeks!
I do a combination of moving my arms (biceps curls, Triceps kickbacks, shoulder raises, press, chest fly, back rows).
I am sure people think I am nuts…
I incorporate squats and lunges…some step ups!
If you don’t have knee or foot issues you can incorporate sprint intervals, which I used to love…

I hope you got something out of this blog!
Check out the video beneath if you like!
I will see you soon!
Bye bye

This is not Exercise or Nutrition Advice!
For Entertainment purposes only!

As we get older our connective tissue is growing faster than our muscle!
This causes tightness and sometimes injury!
Stretching is a must in injury prevention!
We usually ignore any kind of flexibility training since it does not burn many calories…
You don’t have to waste your time.
This can be done while watching TV or before bed.
You can download a Yoga Application and perform Yoga 10-15 min per day.
There is a ton of You Tube Videos available if you don’t have the money to spend…
I found out that my exercises I was performing to help my knee pain and plantar fasciitis also defused my L4 and L5 degeneration in my lower back.
Going from not being able to bend over in the morning to move freely without pain is simply amazing!!!
Don’t forget your stretching / flexibility!
It will keep you younger longer…

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Sometimes we are so motivated that we’d like to share our goals and dreams, hoping to get support from people close to us only to realize that the same people you were hoping to cheer you on are actually sabotaging you!
Sometimes even trying to complete with you….
They will tell you that you are no fun anymore…
You are boring or you think you are all that!
Interestingly I have witnessed my clients losing close friends without giving any reason!
This is a very sad fact!
While we do wish people would be supportive it is better to keep quiet!
Set your goals and follow up!
This is about you 🙂
Write down your weekly accomplishments and thrive through that…
Let’s start this week strong!

This journey we are in won’t be easy!
We are fighting our own bodies.
Let’s make sure it’s a good fight and we don’t give in!!!
Everything in our daily routine (unless you are already a health nut) is causing us to gain weight, slow down and die faster!

It seams as women grow older they are put aside…
Which is a nice term to put it!

Carbohydrates nowadays are not what they used to be…
Ingredients have been added for longer shelf life!
If you have insulin resistance like I do, the approach has to be different!
While many are okay with eating high carbohydrate foods, the obesity rate in America keeps increasing….
The increase in numbers started when the food pyramid was implemented!

There will be several changes in diet while going through our journey!
Lowering carbohydrates…
Cutting carbohydrates completely…
Incorporating carbohydrates slowly…
Going on a carbohydrate cycle!

Like I said changes will come slowly!
Don’t focus to much on the scale, but how your clothes fit, how you feel and on measurements!

You will find that your memory will get better!
You won’t feel fatigued or lethargic…
Your skin will improve!
You will finally go to the bathroom!

Beneath you will find a video of the food I am preparing!
If you cook fish, make sure to eat it within 2 days…
Always chose the best quality of ingredients like organic!
Use Avocado Oil for cooking, Olive Oil for your Salads.
You can also use MCT Oil which is flavorless!

We are starting the day with intermittent fasting!
No food for 16 hours!
If your dinner is at 7pm don’t eat until 11am the next day!
You will have only 2 meals per day…
Lunch and dinner!
Each should have a nice portion of protein and some vegetables!
Do not use Corn, Leeks, Beets, Potato, or any higher starch or sugary veggies!
No fruit for now!
Great greens to add are Avocado, Asparagus, Spinach, Cabbage, Cucumber, Escarole or other Lettuce just to name a few!
Do drink about 1 Gallon of Spring Water per day!
No Alcohol whatsoever!!!!
Great Proteins are:
Chicken (all parts)
Pork ones per Week if you can handle it
Cheeses but keep your calories at bay
Bacon as a flavor ingredient

Starter Supplements are:
Calcium Magnesium Zinc at night
Progesterone cream
Evening Primrose Oil
Chose a Thyroid Supplement that includes Kelp or Iodine

If you are ready, let’s go!!!
Let’s get back on track!
Let’s show what we are made off!!!

See you back in a couple of days with my workout routine…
Bye, bye…

#weightlossover50 #weightloss #fatloss #fitness

This is Claudia Aquino and my journey to lose 30 pounds over the age of 50!

One of the question I am asked is “how can I still lose weight during and after menopause?”
Why is it so hard to lose weight you might ask?
Well, one of the reason is that our hormone production is slowing down or shutting down!
Once our ovaries don’t produce efficient amounts of estrogen anymore, our testosterone production also shuts down…
Our adrenal glands deplete since they are also influenced by our ovaries…
That will affect our thyroid output!
Our liver is slowing down which helps with fat metabolism!
All of this will make us sluggish, depressed!
We are getting injuries more easily since the anti inflammatory response of the liver has slowed down!
Doctors will treat you for your hot flashes and depression usually with artificial estrogen, which will cause weight gain!
Hot flashes are caused by your depleted adrenals and thyroid!
You are actually estrogen dominant!
We have to change the way we are thinking about food.
We can not do the same we did while our bodies were full functional…
At this point we have become insulin resistant!
Our bodies can not digest the amounts of carbohydrates it used to…
And it doesn’t matter if you believe this or not, your body will not lose a pound unless you change what you are doing!

Let’s talk about stress!
By the time we reach 50 our bucket to handle stress has reached its limit!!!
Show me one person without adrenal fatigue….
I know no body wants to waste time on meditation or yoga…
But we need to do it!
You can find great meditation on you tube or you can download a application with mediation guidance.
Yoga is a great for injury prevention!
Lift weights!!!
Now that your body barely produces any growth hormone or testosterone anymore, you need to hold on or increase your skeletal muscle!
Work your cardiovascular health!
Not only our bones get brittle, our arteries do too!!!

To start your journey, write down your weight and body fat if you have it!
Measure yourself and keep track!
Measure around the upper stomach just under your rip cage, measure across your belly button, 3 rd measurement will be around your hips at your highest point across your gluteus.

I talk more about your diet in the video below this blog!

I will meet with you 3 times per week!
Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s
Together we can overcome these struggles!
Thank you for joining!