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Have you noticed that some people put a lot of effort into seeing that scale weight down and starving themselves while doing so?
Despite on how their body looks in the end as long as they see a low number on the scale weight….
Later you can see excess skin on arms, stomach area and sometimes even sagginess in their faces!
Well instead of focusing on the right nutrition and amounts, they have focused on extrem low calorie intake and not enough nutrition …..
Even a person that works out regularly should focus much on food intake!
The right amounts as well as when to eat what!
Always, always include protein with all your meals, especially your post workout meal!
Never under feed your muscle ….
Once that skin is sagging, it is to late!
You have waisted your muscle and sacrificed  your skins elasticity from malnutrition !!!
How important is it to you to not only look good in clothes?
Balance is the key!!!
Always combine Protein and carbohydrates ….
Eat some carbohydrates and a protein after your Workout!!!
Less carbs if you want to lean out, more to gain muscle!
Eat complex carbs after your workout, not simple sugars except if you are on a bulking regime…
White rice and red potatoes are great after a heavy leg day (4-6oz or 1 cup of cooked rice depending on your weight)!
Never go under 1200 calories per day because you will put your metabolism on a stand still!!!
Always eat food as close as possible to natural state!
Always (always) use supplements!!!
We are all nutrition deficient ( I don’t care who says what…)
Take a high quality multivitamin product (not from Walgreens)!
Calcium Magnesium and Zinc with D has so many more values than just feeding your bones!
Don’t ever skip protein!!!
At least have a high quality whey protein supplement like Iso 100!
Protein deficiency leads to bone loss and osteosperoses !!!!
Keep that in mind 🙂
Chose a Trainer that has experience and a good qualification!
Someone that can answer all of your question.
When it comes to supplements always go to a Nutrition Store like Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas where you find high quality supplements to low prices….

Now to cardiovascular activity!
If you keep doing high intensity training daily ( or sometimes twice per day as I see some people do), you will only burn carbohydrates ….
Which means you need to adjust your daily carbohydrate requirement to your training!
But that’s not the only down side…
Doing High Intensity Training daily will cause severe join distress!!!
Knee issues, back pain, ankle strain, the list goes on!
Twice per week is okay 🙂

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There is so much more to chiropractic services than we know!
If you are already at Lvac Rainbow and or thinking about using Pacific Tan for your tanning purposes , try their new service !
I just had a wonderful Pumkin Fascial by Michele.
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Thank you 🙂

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Food and drinks will be served…
Aliante Chiropractic will be attending and giving out Free alignment Screening.
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Let’s make it a Date!!!
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Be there 🙂BR-Client_Appreciation_FlyerSignUP2-09-13

I like to say “we are all Emotional Eaters”, it doesn’t matter if you do not eat when you are stressed or if you eat everything inside…
It always has to do with food!
Whatever makes us happy or forget about our day for a second.
And that’s just it! A second!
After that we are stuck with pounds to lose or muscle to regain if you are not eating !
Keep in mind that Sugar intake will cause a spike in your blood sugar, put real strain on your pancreas and mess with your liver which are all responsible for fat gain…
One gram of Fat has more than twice the calorie content than carbs or protein!
A small amount is loaded with tons of calories!!!
Example would be one tablespoon of oil = 120 calories!
But it doesn’t fill you up!
Try different methods….
Take a hot bath and have some Kava Tea!
Get a dog or a cat, which are great stress re leavers’
Use over the counter Supplements to help you relax!!!
Freddie has a great variety of amazing products to re leave stress and cope with moods.
Number one stress re leaver!
Do Yoga!
Your Emotions are not worth putting on 50 pounds!!!
It is a circle that keeps going, because now you don’t even like yourself anymore!!!
Put a stop on this!
Break the circle!
YOU need to do this!!!
YOU are the only person to make YOU happy!
Nobody will do this for YOU!!!
Try to do this:
1. Write down everything that you like about yourself.
2. Start a diary…
3. Ask yourself before you eat your meal: do I want to feed my body fat or my muscle?
4. Tell yourself STOP!!! NO MORE!
5. Stop blaming your environment!
You are responsible for your action….
And You are the Only one believing it is someone else’s fault!
Time to change.
Time to make yourself responsible for your weight.
Snack exchanges:
You are starving: fry a whole egg (with yolk) in a pan with a tiny bit if coconut oil, put it on a rice cake ….
This will stop the nagging hunger but has about 100 calories!
Sugar cravings: rice cake with 1 tbsp peanut or almond butter and 1 tsp of sugar free jelly!
Salt: slice a tomato or 1/4 cucumber and sprinkle with salt!
Lower your calorie intake.
Don’t go shopping hungry or stressed.
Don’t have high calorie snacks in your house.
And next time you feel down work out!!!
You will feel much better and lose weight 😉

For all your Supplements please visit Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas, or simply click on the Freddie’s link right here to enter his online store!
Aliante Chiropractic is a super modern facility that offers amazing treatment for all your joint and muscle imbalances!
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Thank you 🙂

You are probably wondering what the difference is between Body Revision’s $299 per Month Program and the $399 per month Program…
The $399 per Month Program is the Competition Program!
It includes Monday through Saturday Workouts, Nutrition and regular changes in Nutrition depending on your body fat/ weight loss!
Weekly weight and Body fat.
Competition Prep ( what to eat, drink, supplements, posing session, guidance through the registration progress….)
If necessary one on one Posing Session!
Online support…

Body Revision’s Get Fit for Life Program is $299 per month and includes Group Training Session Monday through Thursday (no Friday or Saturday)!
Nutrition and close monitoring and changes in intake’
Weekly weight and body fat!

Both are exellent Programs that will help you achieve your Ultimate Best!!!
If you just want to get Fit, Lean and Healthy I am suggesting the Get Fit for Life Program!!!
If you are looking to compete, you should be choosing the Competition BR Team Vegas Program!!!!
It does include Posing and Competition Prep that would otherwise cost you a additional $300 per month!
Competition Preparation are very Scientific or Complicated if you will…
Close monitoring of the Competitor is necessary for Best Results!

If you want to Compete but it would take you longer than the 12 week Program (like 15 or 20 weeks) depending on how much weight or body fat you will have to
lose, or how much muscle you will have to gain, you can Enter Body Revision’s Fit for Life in the beginning and switch over to the Competition Program once you enter the 12 week stage!
Body Revisions Fit for Life as well as Body Revisions Competition Program is the most affordable Program on the Market today!

Body Revision is also offering online Training for $256 per month!
During the month of January Body Revision is offering this great online Program for $200 per month!!!
Pay 3 month in advanced and get another 10% off!!!

If you have any additional questions about Body Revision and Programs, please contact me or text / call me at
702 528-5011
Thank you 🙂

For all your Supplemental Needs please visit Freddie’s Nutrition on either West Sahara or Flamingo Rd or simply hit the Link on this page to enter Freddie’s online Store 🙂