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Finally I feel like I am ready to lean out and get my butt into competition shape!!!
It took awhile as I have excuses like everyone else …
Working from 6am until 7pm…
Growing business and trying to focus on everyone else…
Everyday stress factors in business as well as personal…
I will have to lose about 20 pounds to feel ready 😉
Also I need this process to be as slow as possible to maintain my muscle as I lose fat!
I have purposely put on a good amount of muscle mass in my gluteus, quads and hamstrings as well as my delts 🙂
Starting my supplement regime religiously !!!
This is a big part how the end result will look like!
Over the last year my gluten intolerance has gotten worse.
My new diet plan will not include any gluten, grains, wheat, or heavy starches for most of the time!
I will keep my carb intake in check trough fruits and mostly vegetables!
Around 100-120 grams per day!
Also my fat intake will be much higher than before!!!
My energy will come from my fat intake rather than my carbohydrate intake 🙂
I started eating full organic eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds.
My protein does not include shakes, but fish, chicken and turkey.
By cutting out starchy foods and gluten I have noticed a change in my skin elasticity (also from my higher fat intake)!
The combination of my supplements and my new diet has helped me develop rounder muscle bellies!
I am always religious about my BCAA’s, L- Glutamine , and my Animal Pak!
I also included a new women’s muscle building supplement which is called wicked rose.
It includes Tribules and other testosterone boosting ingredient!
Available at Freddie’s Nutrition 🙂
It is a bit expensive, but well worth the money!
As with everything else, you need to circle it to prevent your body from getting used to as with all herbal supplements!!!
I have been keeping my cardio at 30min 6 times per week in my building face, but now upping in to 40min sometimes twice per day!
I don’t have a specific Competition date yet!
Whenever I feel to be ready and good enough to do well, I will sign up….
However, I will keep you posted on my progress 😉
Soon to be posting pictures 😮
If you have never participated in a competition, please do!!!
It is very powerful not just in boosting your self confidence , but also in teaching you about your body!
Your incredible powerful machinery!!!
As in you are what you eat!!!

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