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Now that we have arrived to our last Week in our 35 Day Challenge we have to recognize our triggers…
Food is a powerful drug when it comes to dealing with emotions!
What have you learned about yourself so far?
Unconscious eating might be one of our pitfalls…
Simple rules might help with that.
1. Don’t buy or keep junk food at home.
2. Ask your family and friends for support.
3. Before you binge on something you later regret out of stress or anger, take 10 deep breaths!
It helps to calm you down, but also is so annoying that you forget about the junk you were trying to put into your body…

Here are your Rules for your last week:

1. No cheating at all!!!
2. 2 Gallons of water per day!
3. Final progress pictures on your last day
of your week 5
4. 840 min or 2 hours daily of working out!
5. Read 20 pages of a none fiction book.
6. Write down final weight and body fat
7. Meditate 15 min daily
8. Stretch for 20 min daily.
9. Drink 1 cup of Ginger Tea and 1 cup of
Dandelion Root Tea daily.
10. Add Electrolytes daily

Be proud how far you made it!!!
You are more powerful and more in control than you think!

I am grateful to say that our Group Training Classes have almost completely filled!
I have 2 spots left for a 7am session and 2 spots for my 4:30pm session!
Weekends at North Decatur availability is Friday at 4pm, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 10 am!
Thinking about joining the Team?
You might need to do it soon…
Groups are being held at North Rainbow Monday’s through Thursday’s and North Decatur Friday’s through Sunday’s!
All at LVAC the Best Gym around!!!

Here is the link to Week 5 Video

Here is your week 4 of our 5 week challenge!
What have you learned so far?
This is all about knowing your triggers and how to prevent them…
I think for me it is stress related!
I work 7 days per week… I do a ton of research on different subjects.
I try to start my you tube channel so I can give more value…
But I have to admit that I am not superwoman!!!
Working on myself to schedule my time differently so I can maybe have a breather at least one day per week…
I am sure you have recognized your triggers and try to figure out how to not get overwhelmed by them…

Having said that, here are your Rules for week #4

1. No cheating on your diet!
2. 1 1/2 gallons of water daily
3. Progress pictures
4. 630 min of working out or 90 min per
Day or 2 45 min workouts daily
5. Read 10 pages of a none fiction book
6. Write down body fat and weight
7. Meditate 10 min daily
8. Stretch 20 min day
9. Drink 1 cup of ginger tea daily
10. Add electrolytes to your water
You can add additional workouts to accumulate points or add more water.
Save and collect for later!

Here is the link for this weeks video: