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What’s the biggest nutrition breakthrough for the next 25 years? The vote goes to nutrigenomics…the study of the interaction between food and DNA!
Here is how it works: each cell contains DNA for your entire genetic code.
This combination of proteins, hormones, and molecules remains unchanged through your life!
What does changes in this the combination your body is using to create more of the specific enzymes, hormones, and compounds that you need!
Foods that can increase you bodies natural fat burning power are: green tea …. Turns of genes that are responsible for fat cells and sugar uptake and turns on genes that mediate sugar uptake by muscle cells!
Results: smaller fat cells and more active muscle cells!
Fish oil: EPA and DHA are known to activate a specific protein in your cells called Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors ( PPARs).
They can increase fat burning for energy and improve insulin sensitivity.
Pistachios: fight inflammation!
Pomegranate : are packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins! These are known to stop the growth of fat cells by down regulate the expression of the pro-obesity and diabethis gene plasminogen activator inhibitor -1.
Olive Oil: increases adiponectin, a hormon that helps your muscle use sugar.
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Certification of course is very important!
There are numerous online certifications that a 12 year old can pass!
Years of experience are very important!
How many years has this person been doing it?
What other credits come to their qualification ?
Are they practicing what they preach?
Has this trainer had experience in the same field you are using him/ her for?
Endurance training, sports conditioning, competition training?
Do not use a trainer that has no idea what you are feeling or going through!
Is the trainer capable in performing those exercises themselves?
Results and transformations, referals, behavior….
Adjusting your progress through a program can be helpful, but a Trainer also needs talent!
What I mean is watching how a client moves, how do his/ her muscle look? How is the client feeling?
A good trainer can determine when to change the clients diet, cardio, program!
The Talent of what to do……to give the client 100%
Nutrition and Program have to go hand in hand to be able to have 100% results!!!
If one or the other is lacking, you will open up the gate for failure..

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Silvia is amazing…..
My very first suit was designed over the phone 😉
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She has our trust 100%
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It is the best gym with the best equipment in the country!!!!
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Group Figure and Bikini Training is launching their next 12 week program June 5th at 6:45pm at our beautiful Las Vegas Athletic Club NW location ( Rainbow Blvd and Lake Mead or 95!
What is Group Figure Training?
Group Figure Training is Competition Training in a group style workout!
Regular group training will help the individual shed excess pounds, while Competition group training focuses on body fat loss, muscle gain, and overal tightness!!!
It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about competing or just want that tight look…. This will give you the body you’ve always wanted!!!
What else is different?
Nutrition in Competition Training is a bit tighter or stricter!!!
While on our regular program you can still have some low fat dairy or some whole wheat product, this would be a no no for our competition program….
Group Figure Competition Training offers the quickest results in the shortest amount of time.
Results are mostly visual and body fat wise, not so much weight wise…..
So what is the difference between Group Figure and the Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team?
Group Figure is offered to everyone Competitor as Non Competitor!
Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team are the actual Competition girls!
As soon as you decide to enter a Competition, you are in this Team!!!
The Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team is very successful in placing high and bringing home trophies!
I might add one of the most successful Teams out there!
Group Figure and Bikini Training offers an amazing support system through emails, CD rom, Facebook , and individual friendships that are being build!!!
It is almost impossible to fail!
We have increased in members from 4 to 57 in the last 4 years and numbers still go up!!!
Training times are Mondays and Wednesday’s 6am 7am 8:30am 3pm 4pm and 5:45pm
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 6am 9am 3pm and 5:45pm
We are also including weekly weight and body fat, nutrition adjustment depending on the individual’s , posing klinik ( weekly Thursday at 7am and Thursday at 5:30pm)!
We guide you in every step on suit purchase, shoes, hair and make up, tan….
We also have monthly events to raise money and help our girls with expenses like boarding, flight, and registration costs!!!!
Compared to one on one training Group Figure Training is about $35 per session, while one on one is $75 per session!
Contact us today at
Or call (702)528-5011

Still trying to improve my lateral quads and glutes!
I am eating more carbohydrates as well as more calories in general on leg day!
After the initial warm up , which can be a light cardio or active stretching to activate the nervous system, I start with squats ….
Right now I am choosing octagon squats ( that funky frame you see on the floor at your gym) because of a shoulder injury!
I am trying to go heavy enough to barely finish 10 reps with my legs shoulder width apart!
The octagon frame helps you go a bit deeper as usual to activate your glutes better!!!
Start by using the frame only, then add weight!
My legs are the strongest part in my body which means I am adding two 45 lbs plates and a 25lbs plate on each side!
Next I will do some sumo squats 🙂
Legs spread apart as in a pli A position!
Go down thighs parallel to the floor and return!
Watch your knee’s from caving in….
Knee over mid foot, lower position 90/90 degrees!
Next I will do dead lifts on the bar!
Slight bend in my knees, only joint moving is your hip joint!
No more than 10 reps max…heavy weight!
Hacksquat machine is next…
I use the Hacksquat in reverse!!!
If you are on the pad where does your booty go?
Legs out to the side ( heels on the machine but toes on the floor )
One legged squats are done on the squat machine …
Go low enough to activate that glute muscle!!!
Alternating lunges and good morning combination will be my next one!
I keep the barbell on my neck with low weight, do a lunge on each leg , then continue with one good morning in between!
10 lunges on each leg and 10 good mornings!
I keep a break of about 1-2 min between each set, 4 sets for each exercise, 10 reps for each set to grow some muscle!
In this segment I do not isolate muscles ( leg extensions, leg curls , ….)
Don’t forget to ad BCAA’s for growth, have some protein and carbohydrates within 60 min after your workout ( and some before), and make sure to get enough rest!
Remember that muscle growth happens in your resting period!!!
Your workout is there to tear it down so your body can repair better, stronger, bigger…

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