Hello everyone, I’m Glenda aka”Minnie Mouse”.  I’m always been an athlete since grade school, high school and college and always being active and trying to make myself healthy and fit from the moment I met my late husband in 2002 until the day he passed away from the military (US Navy) in 2011. After he left, I felt like my world has come to an end, I was so lost without him and felt like I could never live without him. I became really depressed and start getting help but I was so afraid to take all the medications from the Doctors and therapist that it will only give me side effects and make the problem worst. I tried to keep myself busy and keep searching for things that will make my head occupied to get away from depression, I used to cook healthy foods everyday for my husband but got really lazy after he was gone so I just keep going outside to eat and always trying different kinds of foods in every restaurants and find that these foods makes me happy and give me comfort. Eating became my habit and food became my best friend at that time, but it gives me nightmare when I go sleep at night. I didn’t realized that I’ve been gaining so much weight and becoming unhealthy inside and out, I start having shortness of breath, couldn’t sleep at night and start getting sick. Suddenly I realized that if I continue doing this to myself and do not take care of my body then one day I will also hurt my love ones and I would not want any of them to feel what I am going through, I also realized that my husband wouldn’t be happy watching me like this so I got up on bed, took a picture of myself in the mirror and compared it to my pictures when I was a healthy and a happily married woman, I was completely shocked on what I saw and It made me even more depressed not being happy and satisfied on what I turned to look like!

That day I went to get ready and signed up a gym membership and start going to the gym but after a while I start getting really bored and start feeling so insecure and feel shy whenever there’s fit girls working out next to me. I also went to cardio but a little disappointed after talking to all these girls doing cardio for many years are still not looking so good to me and I really want a work out that will really give results and would not take many years to see. I went to grabbed one of the LVAC Magazine on my way home and start reading it and that’s how I found Claudia Aquino .I checked her website right away as soon as I get home and I got too excited after reading all the good reviews and looking at all the amazing results of all the people she transformed. The success stories and all the photos from real people really inspired me, gave me hope and gave me something to look forward to. I scheduled an appointment with her and I couldn’t help myself but cry and tell her exactly how I’m feeling about myself and I need something to push me not to give up. She was a nice and sweet lady and made me feel comfortable that day and she promised me that she will help me and make me feel so much better.

Within just four months of training with her I became more and more positive everyday, starting to have good vibes and energy , start gaining self confidence, start meeting really good people and met some really good friends, and most of all I became happier, healthy and strong! Claudia not only helped me physically but also helped me mentally and emotionally, she is such an incredible and positive minded person, an amazing friend and she is a very supportive and the most wonderful trainer I met in life. There’s not enough words for me to say on how to thank her for all she’s done for me but God knows and I just pray for a Good Karma to get her ?. The result I seen right now is priceless and she gave me more than what she promised, I am now sleeping better, eating better, more positive and couldn’t be much more happier on who I am now and I am really hoping that I am making my late husband proud and smiling down on me me now in heaven.

GlendaL3GlendaL3 (2)GlendaL3 (1)ME AND JOSH

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