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I am so excited to announce Body Revision’s October 20th 14 year business Anniversary!!!
This will be an opportunity to announce Body Revision’s” Team Vegas”!!!
A new Team in Competition Training that includes Bikini, Figure, women’s Physique, and men’s Physique Competitors!!!
BR Team Vegas will be a Professional and Affordable approach to Group Competition Training!
BR 14 year Anniversary will be held at Freddie’s Nutrition on Sahara and Buffalo in Las Vegas!
Dr Jason O Jaeger will lecture about health, longevity and Injury prevention .
Eric Sparks ( a well known Physical Therapist in Las Vegas) will demonstrate the DMS or Deep Muscle Stimulator I injury recovery and dealing with inflammation, bursitis, and other conditions.
Pamela Allan will perform Thai Massage, which goes hand in hand with injury prevention as well as recovery!
Britnie Vertucci is ready to give you a make over and make you look and feel beautiful!!!
Patrick Shepherd will be serving healthy snacks!
Patrick owns his business that will cook and deliver to Competitors as well as non Competitors!
Food is weight and prepared as ordered….
Champagne, Orange Juice, and Water will be served 🙂
Also we will raffle out prices like Free Personal Training, BR Team Vegas Tank Tops, Free Hairstyle, Free DMS Treatment and many more!!!
Come and Celebrate with us and this Amazing Business!!!!
Join Body Revision October 20th at Freddie’s 😉

Body Revision Personal Training is also offering online Training!
For a fee of $256 per month you can get guidance and personal attention via online Training!
How does that work?
You will fill out a liability form by going to contact us / forms.
After filling out this form you will be paying by pay pal on the payment option link.
Now you can take before pictures from the front, back and side view!
Weigh yourself and take your body fat, or the circumsference measurement around your waist (navel).
After I receive all of this, I will send you your very first workout 🙂
If you have questions about certain exercises you can either google or you tube them, or text/email/ or ask me on my new “chat” option on this site!
I will try to respond within one hour …
I can also send you a video that will show an exercise performed.
Your exercise plan will be changed on a weekly basis.
Nutrition changes will happen depending on your weekly weight and body fat changes.
I will also give you cardiovascular instructions to help you achieve your goals!
There will be supplementation suggestions on your plan that are customized for you and your state of health!
A newsletter will be send to you every other week, that will answer any questions you may have, or you can simply use the chat link or text/email me!
I have had amazing results so far with my online clientele !
This option can be yours even if you are not living in Las Vegas 😉
And if you are competing I can prepare you step by step for your event!!!

As always I ask to help an animal in need and donate to the Trio’s Foundation!
For all your supplements please go see Freddie’s in Las Vegas, or click in the Freddie’s link on this page!
Freddie’s Nutrition !
Best Prices, Best Customer Service!

Body Revision Competition Group Training is for teens, men and women who would like to get into fitness competition (National Physique Committee (NPC) and National Qualifying Shows) and feel CONFIDENCE of the achievements gained into this program or just to have a competition body.  This program is designed to increase muscle gains, reduce body fat percentage for a lean competition physique. I have been in competition since 1998 and still competing/training at this day… What makes me different from other competition trainers? Is of course, my QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE of a long time DEDICATION to this style of sport training. I have competed in Bodybuilding and Figure and ACHIEVED 21 TROPHIES. I believe that says it ALL!!! I am a true believer that anyone can achieve their fitness goals by a coach that really understand the physical and mental attitude that goes into competition training and preparation of your first show or multiple shows. I am here to provided you, the support that you need and the weekly diet plans that will transform your body into the HIGHEST LEVEL that you can image. But, give me your 110% and you’ll see A NEW YOU and a BEAUTIFUL COMPETITION BODY. Get trained by Body Revision by Claudia and SEE THE BEST RESULT OF YOUR LIFE…….!!!!!!!! GET FIT FOR LIFE!!!!…..

Body Revision Competition Group Training is for women FIGURE, BIKINI and PHYSIQUE as well as MEN’s PHYSIQUE of all ages and made AFFORDABLE. So, SIGN UP for a consultation or contact me to start your AWESOME journey to a better quality and healthy lifestyle. CONFIDENCE is looking at YOUR BEST!!!!!! In addition, if you don’t live in Las Vegas, Nevada, Don’t Worry! I have Body Revision Competition Group Training ONLINE too, call or email me for more information.


Claudia Aquino of Body Revision is offering Competition Training in Bikini, Figure as well as Physique!
Let my 14 years of training Competitors and 19 Competition experience guide you!
Customized meal plans for your personal needs as well as cardiovascular guidance and weekly weight and body fat included!
Competition preparation, supplemental suggestion, and online support as well as being there whenever you need me.
It doesn’t matter whether you compete or just want that beautiful competition body, I’m your choice for success!!!
Prices on special right now until January 1st!
Contact me at (702) 528-5011 or email me at
Thank you!

For all your supplemental needs please visit Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas, or simply click on the Freddie’s link on this page!

Thank you 🙂

Obviously this program can get complex if you are dealing with someone on a Vegan diet!
It is not as challenging as long as a person still eats some sort of animal protein!
Being Vegan is a little bit more complicated!
Well… It makes a difference if someone just wants to eat healthy while maintaining their weight!
You would have to include a larger amount of rice and beans to make up all the essential amino acids that are responsible to build muscle, hair, skin, bones….
We do not lose body fat on high amounts of starch…
Tofu and soy containing foods will increase estrogen levels, hold water and body fat in your tissue and prevent weight loss/ body fat loss!!!
What to do???
Supplementation 🙂
There are some great tasting Vegan Protein supplements out there …
I am talking about shakes 🙂
You can still eat genoa and rice and beans, but in smaller amounts!
Remember that your body needs all essential amino acids to synthesis the non essential amino acids in order to build muscle!
Otherwise you are just waisting calories….
Have a good amino acid supplement handy ( BCAA’s or essentials in pill form ) to ad to your food and give your body the chance to get protein were it needs to go!
Feeling tired? Sleepy? No energy? Can’t lose weight or body fat? Hair loss? Pale skin? Cranky?
You might be low in protein and vitamin B!!!
Always supplement what is missing from your food 🙂
If you are still feeling crappy after supplying your body with the needed nutrition, seek the help of a registered dietician !
Have your nutrition levels checked by either urin or blood sample!
Changing your intake and supplementation can take about 4 weeks to registere in your body, depending on how long you have had a deficit!

If you like this blog, please donate to the Trio’s Animal Foundation!
For all your supplemental needs please see Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas, or simply visit his online store by clicking on the link on this page!
Thank you 🙂