My name is Betty Jean and have been under Claudia Aquinoโ€™s guidance for exactly one year. She has transformed my body from being underweight and deflated to healthy, muscular, and with feminine curves. My metabolism and confidence have increased tenfold.





Claudia is more then an exercise and physiological expert, she coaches the whole person, both the mental and physical aspects of a client, providing strategies, solutions, and not judgement. She has a simple hands on approach with customized recommendations for each of her individual clients. If one adheres to them with consistency they will reap the results I am getting. Claudia is highly respected amongst her peers, a true artist of human physique and I am honored to be one of her canvases. Thank you Claudia.







I now say that aside from choosing to marry my husband, making the choice to get in shape with Claudia and her Body Revision Team is the best decision I have made!! After a car accident that compromised my back and a knee surgery that left me with complications I was unsure of how to start getting back into gym. I was scared of making my injuries worse, but I was so tired of being unhealthy and weak. Thankfully I discovered Claudia! My sister in law who had started and was getting ready to compete in her second show, had nothing but wonderful things to say and really encouraged me to join. I did.






Wow, what an amazing difference was made in my whole life! I lost over 20 pounds, several inches all over and gained muscle, good posture and healthy eating habits!

I did my first show in April and loved the experience! What a way to really celebrate what you have done! I would highly encourage everyone to sign up for a show, work your ass off and really commit….you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right guidance!

Although I feel confident from what Claudia has taught me to continue making progress, I look forward to going back to her and the team for my next show prep!! Thank you so much Claudia! Xoxo!

-Jennifer Heese

There are many old fashion traditional trainers that think functional training is of unimportance, or yet call it dangerous and causing injuries…
Well, obvious they are “old fashion and traditional” trainers!
Most of all they are uneducated!!!
Here is my thought:
This is my blog ….and I can say whatever I want ( is freedom of speech still one of our amendments ?)
Functional training is preventing injury, not causing it!!!
Our muscle fibers are supposed to work in all 3 planes of motion, not just sagittal!!!
We need to work with stability, balance, core strength and reaction time with everything we do!
If you think this is of no importance, maybe you want to seek a different profession!!!
We are not ment to sit on a machine and be guided by it!
We are supposed to use our functional strength in everything we do….
Picking up groceries …. Getting out of a car….
Taking that purse from that back seat….getting of the floor….
If you don’t understand how our nervous system works, get a desk job ( please)!
Our body is amazing!!!
It’s the most amazing thing you have ever owned!
Treat it the way it’s suppose to be treated!
Value it!
Respect it!
Keep it functional for the rest of your life….
Otherwise….end up on a walker!
Accept your way!
And be done with it!!!
Love, life, happiness!!!

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

I have blogged about this subject many times before.
However recently I feel more and more the urge to motivate you guys to improve your body through working with your connective tissue!
Not to long ago it has been recognized that our connective tissue (fascia) surrounding our muscles and connecting to joints is very articulate in deed!
Tightness, imbalance, pain and loss in flexibility has very much to do with Fascia and our nervous system in how they communicate with each other!
This blog will be in my primitive verbiage and put the way it’s in my mind (lol)!!!
We are all slaves of repetitive movements…
Whether it is sitting on a desk all day, running a marathon, using the same exercise or cardio machine, or bring lazy and lying in bed all day!
Sleeping the wrong way….
Standing all day…
Everything is repetitive and causes inflammation in your tissue!
Our muscles never completely shut of!!!
While you are sitting in your office, your hip flexors stay activated while your gluteus got the memo to turn of…
After several hours of work getting out of your chair becomes a struggle…
Your gluteus have gotten lazy and won’t respond, your hip flexors are pulling the from of your body giving you a hinged over posture, your hamstrings and lower back are the back up for your body to get you out of that darn chair!!!
Lower back pain?
Quad tightness and knots?
Neck tightness?
Shoulder pain?
Sounds familiar?
Stretching is of most importance!!!
Yes, it doesn’t burn tons of calories…
It’s not a lot of fun…
But it is extremely important to keep your body balanced!
Sometimes stretching alone is not enough…
This is when Myofascial release comes in!
Using a Foam roller (they come with a manual), roll on a regular basis (every other day) over all problem areas, but include attaching muscles as well!
Which means your whole body ๐Ÿ˜‰
Finish by a 15-20 minute stretching routine!
Remember it takes about 20 sec per stretch to command your receptors “it’s time to let go”, so do not go to fast!!!
Next step up would be DMS!!!
In my opinion DMS is send to us from heaven!!!
Deep Muscle Stimulation!
To me DMS is not painful, rather a feel good service like Deep
Tissue massage…
But depending on your sensitivity and pain tolerance you may experience it differently!
DMS sends hundreds of vibrations into the deepest muscle tissue, changing the way of your nervous system, losening fascia tightness, taking care of trigger points and inflammation of all kind!!!
Yes, you might have a lower pain tolerance and experience it different from me..
Yes, you might get bruising depending of sensitivity and elasticity of your tissue…
But in every case it helps!!!
Gain back your range of motion!
Be pain free!
Get your strength back!
Who really cares about bruises that go away!
If you would like to know more about DMS please contact me!
Years of imbalance might have thrown your kinetic chain completely of!!!
Now you are carrying 40 pounds on your cervical spine, your lordosis is going out of control, your posture is making you look old and tired!
Aliante Chiropractic would be a next step to work with your imbalance and create synergy to your muscles.
Dr Jason Jaeger has developed a special Traction Application that will help over several session to bring your body back into alignment!!!
“Cracking” your spine and joints will only work momentarily until your tight muscles are pulling back into out of place!
It is one of the most advanced and least invasive procedures on the market!!!
How can you stay in balance without having to go through extreme measures?
Stretching every day!!!
Join a Yoga Class…
Lvac is offering amazing classes all included in your membership!!!!
If your body is beyond simple as is mine, start making time to see Eric Sparks with Functionality Maximized, and Dr Jason Jaeger with Aliante Chiropractic!

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚