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It is funny to me how everyone is comparing two totally different things, yet we need them all!
For example static stretching verses active…
Cardio verses weights…
There are many, many more!!!
We all know that we need everything 🙂
Comes to flexibility we need active before workload and static after we are finished!
Both do completely different things 🙂
We need cardiovascular activity as well as resistant training!
Two totally different things again!!!
Here is my own thinking:
We need chiropractic services as well as physical therapy!
Example: my friend Eric Sparks who is a advanced and exellent Physical Therapist uses a method called DMS!
DMS stands for Deep Muscle Stimulator.
It is a Hammer like device that sends out deep vibration into the muscle and muscle spindle to break up any inflammation, scar tissue, bursitis, pain…
It is a wonderful service, but works best with adjustment!
Dr Jaeger from Aliante Chiropractic has been giving me a Postural Analyses , and the results were…yep, I am off!!!
Way off!!!
Aliante Chiropractic offers a service called “Traction”.
This is what will realign your body to its natural position 🙂
Any disc problems or other spinal issues?
Traction is perfect to get you back in track…
Yet Traction and DMS combined is the perfect answer!
Realign your joints and vertebra’s and keep the surrounding muscle lose and perfectly working with DMS!!!
Maybe I’ll get Eric and Dr Jaeger to work together (lol)!




Aliante Chiropractic
6592 North Decatur Blvd suite 115
(702) 396-4993







Eric Sparks
Functionality Maximized
(702) 427-0707

Lets talk about another Combination that’s perfect!
Body Revision Personal Training Services and Freddie’s Nutrition!
Without proper Training Nutrition will only get you so far and the other way around!!!
Matter of fact is if you are not supplementing, you will always be deficient in Nutririon :-/
The reason is pesticides, insecticides, food handeling…
But even if you are eating all organic, your food has been plugged not ripe…
And it’s been lying around in the store for how many days?
Chances are 50% of the nutritional value in your food is already gone!
You need to protect yourself with supplementation 🙂
Feed your body the right way and use your muscles and heart by training!!!
Freddie from Freddie’s Nutrition is a amazing Person and one of my sponsors!!!
Freddie is offering Body Revision Clients a absolutely great discount!
Even better on sign up day!
You can’t get your supplements any cheaper!!!
Not even on line!
We are signing up December 15th at Freddie’s on Sahara (next to Sushi Fever) at 10am!
A chance to pick up your supplements to an amazing price!
Just mention my name!
Freddie has a great selection and unbelievable knowledge!
He will be happy to answer any question you may have!!!
So remember…
It’s not this or that!!!
It’s all 🙂
Thank you!

I always know the difference in my progress when I strict in taking supplements whether I competing or not!!!
Multivitamin : I am taking Universal Products because I love them …
Their high potency assures me effectiveness!
Animal Pak is my favorite!
Not only does it have cell protective properties but it keeps me from getting sick as well 🙂
2. Animal M Stak: a high potency supplement to help increase muscle size.
I do cycle it with Animal pump and Stak 2 because all of them have slight differentiation in ingredient 🙂 if you want something lighter, use tribulus and DHEA ( potency depending on age)!
3. L- Glutamine: protects your muscle fiber during diet and intense training!!!
4. BCAA’s protection of your muscle while dieting and high intense training phases!!!
5. Calcium Magnesium and Zinc: feeds your bones while on a low calorie diet, helps with muscle contraction, sleeping aid and natural muscle relaxed…
6. CLA : helps with fat metabolism
7. L-Carnitine: belongs to your B vitamins and helps with fat and carbohydrate metabolism, but also enhances your immune system …
8. Complex B: helps with energy, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and liver function
9. Anything NO: pushes more blood and oxygen into the muscle and helps to deliver more nutrition to the muscle fiber!
10. ZMA: sleeping aid. Helps increase testosterone in women which leads to more muscle and lean appearance 🙂
11: digestive enzymes, daily greens, fiber:
To some of you that have been on a terrible diet most of your life, and your digestion is pretty messed up because if it, these are a good aid to have!!!
However if your digestion works well, and you don’t have big problems with it, you don’t necessarily need these….
Make sure to take a good protein supplement to help feed your muscle especially after your workout!
I prevere one with carbohydrates, however you can always add oatmeal or fruit (depending what stage of your diet it is) into it!

I always see a difference in my appearance when I am consistent on my supplements…
Don’t be cheap if you want to make a difference in the way you look and feel!!!

Freddie’s Nutrition is offering a great variety on supplants and healthy options!
For the lowest prices in town please see Freddie’s on Sahara next to Sushi Fever or on Flamingo and 215 next to Lvac and Starbucks!
Or click on the link right here to enter his online store!!!!
Thank you 🙂

I hear this a lot!
People comparing my clients to other clients and noticing that my clients have not only better muscle tone and are being leaner, but also have more refined abs!
16 % body fat can look different on each person!
You should see separation of muscle, tightness (not moving muscle) and a nice refined midsection 🙂
16% on a Endurance Athlete will look different than 16% on a body building client!
We are developing a different body!
The first 4 weeks out of a 12 week program will increase muscle tone and muscle density….
Workouts will be challenging weight wise, have lower reps but perfect form, done very slow and controlled (timing 3-3-3)!
There will be a rest period in between to increase natural testosterone production
(Yes, women have testosterone as well) !
Diets are still higher in carbohydrates as well as protein and some good fats to help feed the muscle!
Remember that if you don’t feed your muscle, it won’t matter how heavy you lift!
You will not be able to build anything ….
This first month gives you a chance to increase water intake to one gallon per day.
Water will help flush out waist product, delivers oxygen to all your cells, helps build muscle by increasing water retention inside the muscle fiber, speeds up your metabolism, helps with digestion, gives your skin a healthy glow, lubricates your joints even your spine, and so much more….
By the end of week 4 you should be about 85% perfect on your diet with the occasional treat 🙂
What you will feel:
First two weeks you will have some flu like symptoms …
That’s because your body is going through detox and is removing garbage out of your system!
After that you will feel a increase in energy, strength, and endurance!
After the first week you will realize that your clothes feels not as tight because of the excess water we hold when eating larger amounts of sugar and carbohydrates or salty foods.
Nobody needs excess water retention 🙂
After 4 weeks you will have lost a good amount of weight if you have stuck to the program .
You are now starting to see changes and feeling your body reshaping 🙂
These changes will be mostly visible to you, your friends and family will take until probably week 6-8 to notice a difference!
If you are consistent with your food and workouts you can lose up to 30 pounds of fat in a 12 week program!
Consistency is the key 😉

For all your Nutritional Supplement please visit Freddie’s in Las Vegas, or simply click on the Freddie’s link on this page!
To check out BR sponsors please look up the sponsors page on this Website!
Thank you 🙂

December 15th will be our next Event Day!!!
8am Bootcamp in the Park followed by 9am Breakfast at Cracked Egg on Cheyenne and Buffalo!
Intense Workout with Heart Rate recovery zones…
Location: Durango Hills Park (YMCA Durango and Gowan)
11am sign up at Freddie’s!
Signing up for our next journey whether you want to compete or simply get into the best shape of your life!!!
BR Team Vegas will add many more Event times to cater to your needs!!!
This program is about you and you only!!!
We will help you be your all time best with the best knowledge, the longest experience and the best support!
5pm Christmas Party at Claudia’s House!
I’ll make the Turkey supply water and drinks, you bring one side dish!
We’ll be exchanging presents (bring a gift for $10)…
A great way to get to know everyone, make friends, get closer, and simply have fun!!!!
BR Team Vegas is growing every day!
Thank you all for your Support and your loyalty!!!
We are blessed 🙂

For all your supplemental needs please visit Freddie’s Nutrition in Las Vegas or simply click on the Freddie’s link on this page to enter his online store 🙂