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Getting ready to compete can get scary for new Competitors!
Competing is not just about your body, but also about representation!!!
Posing is just like acting...
We are not that sexy in real life (lol)!
In real life most of us wear tennis shoes and pajamas to work ( ok or a suit)....
You are playing a roll in a movie, or you are getting ready for a photoshoot ...
Whatever works for you !
Once the tan, hair, make up and glamour is applied you will feel your part!
Our " dress rehearsal " was amazing!
First the girls were intimidated walking and posing infront of everyone.
But with each run through they gotten better and more confident!!
I love seeing these girls loosen up after trying to keep their hands on their glutes!
Blasting the music sometimes does the trick!!!
Confidence is the number one importance ... Representation is number two!!!
Practice your posing !!!
Don't be a know it all, no matter how many times you've done this!
Your body will look amazing!
So show it off!!!
Show your hard work!
You deserve this 🙂
Our next coming event is in 4 WEEKS!!!! So, here is the flyer:

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I love to be focused and disciplined!
That is the number one reason for me to keep Competing!!!
I can get to that point were food does not matter, taste does not matter...
You only eat to fuel your muscles, and if anything comes between you and your fuel you would be willing to kill for it ( just saying....)
It makes me feel impowered!!!
I control my life!!!
But even people like me lose their motivatiion at times.
In the past I couldn't always depend on a workout partner.
Most of them were flaky, or I would have to be the motivating force all the time.
So I would hire a trainer....about every other year for about 6 month.
Just until I got my motivation back.
Well let's talk about what keeps us from being motivated.....
I know for some people it will be the lack of result or progression as we call it!
To much on your plate and no time.....
For me it is little tiny injuries like shoulder tightness, inflammation in my piriformis, inflammed hamstrings, pulled calf muscle, lower back pain from compression of L4 and L5.....( sleeping the wrong way)....
I use these excuses to do my sissy workouts and go home!!!
....and I feel bad about it 🙁
I would have a couple of excellent workouts and go pittying myself!
So, the last 2 weeks I've been working my legs with Shana 🙂
Shana is a amazing person!!!
She is also a member of the Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team to compete either in July or in the next upcoming Competitions!!!
She is amazingly beautiful and very intelligent!!!
She also has her own fashion blog which is called Color Blind!
And if you haven't seen her yet, please scroll down on this home page and watch her 8 week self motivational video!
I called it Shana's Transformation!!!
There is a part in it were she says " I can't wait to get up in the morning to work out and knowing I will push myself harder"
And she smiles while she says it :))
That is how I feel when I get motivated!
That is how I want to feel all the time!
That is what makes me happy!!!
Well, Shana doesn't know that I love to keep meeting her for workouts because we kinda feel the same way about it......
As I motivate her, she motivates me!
And that is how it works in our team!!!
Each of us motivate each other!!!
Today we did 125 squats in density training, Bulgarian squats, and gliders pushing 50 pound plates in front of us until we collapsed!!!
Would I have kicked my own butt this hard unless Shana would have been there?
Maybe....but I doubt it!
Get a Trainer to push you....
If you can't afford a Trainer, get a reliable workout partner!!!
Someone that loves to work out as much as you do!
A great workout will change your day 🙂

if you need more information on how to get the most out of your workouts visit Freddie's Nutrition in Las Vegas or simply hit on the Freddie's
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