Shoulders Biceps Triceps
Just a little Shoulder and Arm Workout…
Overloading the muscle for better growth:
1. Bicep BB 21’s/ DB reverse curls 10- regular curls 10 and hammer curl 10/ up downs (push up to plank) 10 each
2. DB kickbacks 15/ DB behind the neck 10/ DB scull crusher 15/ shoulder taps 10 each
3. BB wide grip upright row 10/ bend over high row 10/ DB close elbow extension 10/isometric raise and rotation 10/ BB shoulder press 10
4. Face Pulls/ triceps push down/ leg raises 15 each
4 sets each set

Here is a little Back Workout I did with my client Heather:
Starting with reverse grip pull downs
Timing was 2-2-3 which means 2 counts on the way down, 2 count hold and 3 counts on the way up
15 reps
Second exercise in this set was her straight arm pullover (some call it a pull down) 2-2-3 for 15 reps
Third exercise was a seated back row
2-2-3 for 15 reps
4 sets
Second part we only had 2 exercises to not occupy more equipment since we are doing circuits….
Hammer strength low back row.
No timing, just 10 reps each arm and 10 reps together (high volume)
Hammer strength high row 10/10/10
(So the same)
4 sets
Stability Ball pass over 10 reps
(Passing from arms to feet and back is one reps)
Stability Ball dead bug 10 each
Stability ball rotation 10 each
Crunches keeping feet on ball 20 reps
Repeat 3 times!

This is just a quick post about my first Month results!
I have been dieting and exercising all my life, so I knew this would be much slower than other people…
Yo yo dieting really messes up your metabolism, especially on low calories!
And I did not look at my body fat or anything else.
I’m still dehydrated and once that is resolved my weight and body fat will go down much quicker…
So far my weight loss has been 5 pounds!
I can see my knee area getting smaller and my waist doesn’t feel as bloated!
Overall I feel much better, which probably has to do with my food choices!
I’m excited for my 2nd month results!

If you are still looking for Christmas Gift Ideas, here are some examples!
If your husband is like mine, he probably has everything or buys everything for himself…
Same as how many shoes or purses does your wife need?
Some of my friends that tell me about owning 100 purse and I’m thinking “there are only 365 days in a year…”
So, here are some ideas:
1.One on one Training!
You can buy a month or 10 sessions…
You can just purchase 1 or more sessions.
2. Group Training!
Give one month of Group Training or purchase 3 month from me and get a 4th month Free!
3. 30 min One on One Training or Stretching Sessions!
4. Purchase their Supplements
5. Gym membership
6. Massage
7. Cryotherapy
8. Chiropractic Adjustments
9. Hair Treatments
10. Facial, Pedicure, Manicure
Hope this helps with your Gift Selection!