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If you have never taken any nutritional supplements you need to start now!!!
Let's not even think about organic food, GMO, or any of that stuff....
Unless you have a vegetable garden at your house and harvest your own fruit and veggies, you are in nutrition deficit !!!
Your produce has been harvested at a Pre mature stage, put on a box, delivered to your favorite store two weeks ago....
You are left with 25% of the original nutrition of your food!
Chances are that you keep the very same food in your fridge for a couple of days at least before you eat it....
Cooked ....nuked....
How much of your nutritional value you think you have left???
Chances are not much!
We are a malnutritioned society 🙁
Cancer, heart disease , autoimmune disfunction...
Sad but true!
We need to supplement our food intake!
Start by using a good multivitamin supplement ( quality please not a daily one )!
Calcium Magnesium and Zinc (gel caps or capsule not hard pressed pills)!
Go from there..
Stress levels? Vitamin B complex, cortisol blocker
Energy? B12 , D, C
Depleted adrenal glands from caffeine and other sources?
Hair, skin, nails?
Fighting free radicals? (Hello ... We live in a polluted world created by us)!
There are hundreds of reasons why WE don't function right ....
I notice a big difference in my process of either gaining muscle or leaning out!
Without supplements I end up with flat looking muscle, or my weight/fat loss process is very slow.
Anabolism and catabolism ( muscle gain and muscle loss)  happens every day, but you can change the ratio in how this happens 🙂

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Thank you!