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We are emotional beings.
All of us deal differently with stress and anxiety!
I like to say we are all emotional eaters, whether you eat or don't eat when you are stressed out!!!
Either way it has to do with food...
Many of my clients won't tell me exactly what they do, however I can tell...
If you are consistent with your diet, your body will eventually lose...
Even if you stay for a period of time, something shifts (muscle to fat ratio)
Muscle density does not come from binge cycles ....it comes from consistency!
Consistency in your program and consistency in nutrition!!!
Binging out, then trying to make up for it through fasting and cleansing, just to go back to binging!
You keep losing quality muscle and exchange it with fat!
Remember you can not live forever on vegetable juice!!!
Balance is the key to achieve the results you acquire .
Protein, fat, and carbohydrates should all be present with each meal !
Proteins from fish and chicken, some plant.
Fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil in small amounts , and carbohydrates...
More with your morning meals, less later, and only plant at night!
But remember all vegetables have carbohydrates!
When you grave sugar or chocolate your body wants carbs...
As soon as you eat some rice or oats or potato, the graving will subside 🙂
Try it next time!
Never wait more than 3 hours between meals !
Don't go shopping hungry!!!
Never go to dinner or party's starving...
Eating 5-6 small meals every 3 hours and staying away from simple sugars can prevent diabetis later in life!!!
There are also supplements that help prevent glucose from dropping so low that you need to binge.
Freddie's Nutrition has a wide variety to chose from 😉
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Thank you!